Man Repeller’s Latest Office Upgrade

Man Repeller’s Latest Office Upgrade

Man Repeller’s Latest Office Upgrade

Man Repeller, the irreverent fashion journalism outlet, is one of Homepolish's oldest influencer clients. We dove head first into their latest NoLIta office redesign.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Have you ever had that perfect outfit, those tailored jeans, the wonderfully weathered leather boots? You wear them every chance you get, bestowing your sartorial chicness on the world and reaping the mountain of compliments. But suddenly you wake up one morning, and horrors! The jeans no longer fit (darn that extra doughnut!)… the boots wore a hole in the sole! And you tear up as you donate the jeans to the thrift shop or… even worse, you toss them.


When Man Repeller left their first office that we designed for them, we would like to think that they had the same flood of emotions. And when they left the second office too, we were nearly inconsolable. Ok, we’re overreacting. Because we knew that just like style makeover, the new office redesign would be right around the corner. And sure enough, as soon as the company moved into their new NoLIta offices, founder Leandra Medine called us right up.

Homepolish’s Elisa Shankle came in to help the company integrate their existing furniture with the new space and introduce some new pizzaz, courtesy of several new pieces from AllModern. As is typical of a NoLIta, the office has a slight industrial vibe with white-washed brick walls and artfully worn oak slat floors. But pops of stylish accents make the offices just as fashion-forward as its staff. A floral-upholstered sideboard, wingback office chairs, and Gray Malin prints… It makes for an office perfect for a staff continually pushing the boundaries of fashion journalism.

For more on the space, tour the slideshow, and check out the piece on Architectural Digest