Man Cave Ideas for Dad

Man Cave Ideas for Dad

Man Cave Ideas for Dad

A modern man cave shouldn’t look like a caveman designed it. These five tips and shoppable items will help you transform a your dad's escape from drab to debonair.

Just because your father or husband insists on having a man cave doesn’t mean it has to look like it was designed by a caveman. While we don’t claim to be experts on the male species, we do know a thing or two about adding a touch of moody masculinity to an interior. Father’s Day is literally this weekend, so use these five tips to help you transform any space from drab to debonair for the man in your life.


1. Lighting

Setting the mood is a fundamental first step in establishing the character of any given space, and lighting is the easiest way to do just that. When it comes to the ambiance of a masculine sanctuary, we suggest you picture an English pub or perhaps a gentlemen’s club and go forward from there. This usually entails brassy or golden industrial hardware paired with warm golden light and the fixture of your choice. (We’re partial to oversized lamps and architectural chandeliers.) We could just bask in lights (like these ones above in a bachelor pad by Homepolish’s Nicole Watts) all day and night.


2. Color Scheme

Once the lighting has you feeling like you’ve been transported to a smoky bar from a Mad Men episode, the color palette comes next. Our rule of thumb is if a color is in the range of dark liquor shades, it’s a go. This means that the soul of the room should be centered around a family of tawny to seal brown tones. Think almost earthy. That said, a splash of Malbec red, absinthe emerald, or Kahlúa onyx would add an unexpected touch of elegance, as the green and red accents do in designer Jennifer Talbot‘s Chicago home.


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3. Materials

The space needs to be both luxurious and multifunctional. On a given day, the “man cave” could be host to anything from a quick snooze sesh to a round of Sunday Night Football with the boys. Because of this, you need materials that are both cozy and durable. Leather is an absolute must not only because of its rustic, lived-in look but also because of its ability to weather most anything. Additional materials should differ from the buttery smoothness of leather, so wool rugs, fur accents, wooden surfaces, and industrial metal hardware are all safe bets if you want to add depth and visual interest to the room.


4. Fun ‘n’ Games

He works hard, so his space should be a place where he can play hard too (sans keggers and Greek letters, we promise). What better way to help a guy unwind than cracking open a cold one after a long day at the office? Creating an at-home bar area is easier than it looks if you plan it in a such a way that is conducive to a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere and good conversation. Once the guys feel the liquid luck settle in, let the friendly foes go to war in a low-key game of billiards, darts, or backgammon.


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5. Personal touches

Even with this arsenal of *superb* advice at your disposal, we hope (nay, expect) that you know the man in question better than we do. Adding personal touches to the room will bring it to life and define its character. Antique maps for the history buff, vintage surfboards for the salty soul, family heirlooms for the nostalgic type… you get the picture. This space ought to be his ultimate escape, so utilize these tips but mold them to his personal tastes and hobbies. Even more, ask for his input.



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