Making a Versatile LA Guest Room

Making a Versatile LA Guest Room

Making a Versatile LA Guest Room


Dennis K., President of a healthcare company


Creating a guest room that is all at once versatile but still welcoming is difficult. For a client in Los Angeles, Homepolish's Jennifer Wallenstein was able to combine comfort and function.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

Spare rooms can be notoriously difficult to work with. Not only is there the question of function (should it be a home office, a hobby room, a guest bedroom?), but then there’s the problem of motivation. Since spare rooms are just that (“spare”), we use them less frequently and we’re less invested in making them into ideal spaces. These rooms linger and sometimes even become “junk rooms” (shudder). After several years in the same building, Dennis, a busy Los Angeles professional, faced this very issue. Instead of letting the room go to waste any longer, he called in Homepolish’s Jennifer Wallenstein to make it both functional and welcoming.

Photo by Amy Bartlam

It was a small studio space. Though they couldn’t change the paint color or flooring, Jennifer knew that they could transform it into a place that could welcome a variety of guests from out-of-town family to Dennis’s daughters’ nanny. When all was finalized, their favorite aspect was the versatility of the space. Almost every piece in the 400 square-foot studio has a double use. The sofa/bed, the coffee table/nightstand, the dresser/storage unit. And Jennifer can’t help but point out the small library. It’s filled with LA guidebooks, cookbooks, and novels… just in case guests want to escape to the beach for the day.


In the end, Jennifer transformed a simple room into a wonderful guest suite, and I couldn’t be happier. I may also add she did it all on schedule and below budget.

- Dennis K., Homepolish client
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