Making a Small Scale Office Work in 5 Steps

Making a Small Scale Office Work in 5 Steps

Making a Small Scale Office Work in 5 Steps


A well-designed office space can make all the difference in productivity. But what if you don't have room? Designer Angela Belt shows how to make that small space WERK, er, work.

When every square-inch in your home matters, you begin to make a priority list of what you need in your space, and one of the first things that gets crossed off the list is a designated office area. I know the feeling! I also have a laptop, and from time to time, I write on my lap. But let’s be real. After 15 minutes, my legs are numb, I’m overheated, and I decide to relocate to my desk, like a sensible person. Then I can finally breathe and get down to some serious work. So if you’re saying right now, “NO, I just don’t have the space,” I am going to show you how to make an office space fit in your home with 3 feet (or even less!) space.

1. The Essentials

First things first, you need to decide what is essential for your office space. If your top priority is cleanliness (barebones laptop and good lighting), then make that your focus. In these vignettes above, colors are bright, and there is little in terms of knick knacks. There are only a few items showcased here, which means less distractions (which means you can get right to work). Looking at all three together, you can see that they all follow a similar pattern: statement chair with small desktop, and minimal accessories.



2. Design Vertically

Sometimes in life all you need to do is look up. Well, the same is true for interior design. If you have no more room to build out/design the room, think about expanding your space vertically. Incorporate shelving, artwork, or a message board into the office space to make your desk feel more complete. For example, this office by Haley Weidenbaum used tall bookshelves to build out the space and add visual interest.

3. Dual Purpose Dining Chairs

If there is simply no room to have a designated chair 24/7 in your office, consider stealing a chair from the dining room. You’ll notice that the chair below can easily double as dining seating. When you’re shopping for dining chairs, look for chairs that have versatility in style. Also look for chairs that are comfortable enough to sit in longer than 30 minutes at time, because sooner or later, one of those chairs is going to be your only comfort during a late night crunch session.



4. Double trouble

There’s another big reason people don’t build out office spaces. There is just no way you can get two desks for two people in your home. Well, think again, because the small scale desk for two will make you reevaluate your layout. If you simply plan to have the desk floating in the room versus up against the wall, you completely open up the tabletop space, and two people could easily work from opposite ends. This industrial desk in Merisa Libbey’s home is a perfect example of this idea.



5. Personalize It

Lastly, make sure you accessorize your desk space. You want to put your own personal stamp on it, so you look forward to sitting there and working. I’m digging the all of the office accessories in this Teen Vogue cubicle from the gold accents to the fashion pieces. Select pieces that inspire you on a daily basis, or choose a quote that will make you smile.

I know that with these design tips you have no excuse NOT to make an office space in your home. You deserve it, and you will greatly appreciate a designated space to get serious about getting down to work.

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