Making a Relaxed Home in San Francisco

Making a Relaxed Home in San Francisco

Making a Relaxed Home in San Francisco


Rebecca and Tom Michael


Hopping around the globe, a couple finally settled in the Bay Area after their marriage. After receiving some Homepolish hours as a wedding gift, they worked with designer Leah Harmatz to really find a sense of "home."

Photos by Helynn Ospina.

Talking to Rebecca and Tom Michael, one only needs to glance at their passports to realize that this couple is well-traveled, to say the least. In the past couple years, they’ve lived in London, Tokyo, and Singapore, and that’s not even mentioning the intermittent travels to other Southeast Asian and European countries. About a year ago, the two got married and bought a place in Bernal Heights, finally ready to put down some roots in their first owned space. And it just so happened that a friend gifted them Homepolish hours.

Rebecca, an interior design enthusiast herself, was skeptical as to whether she could work well with an interior designer. Enter Homepolish’s Leah Harmatz. As soon as they had their first consultation, Rebecca says, “I knew I was onto a good thing so bought a batch of hours with Leah. She was really open and flexible in how she worked with me, from brainstorming ideas, to sourcing furniture options, to validating (or advising against!) my planned purchases.” Hey, that’s what our designers are good at, right?

Since they had traveled all over the globe, the two had a great appreciation for art, pieces with character, and vintage furnishings. They also ran into the classic couples issue of having to pull their two aesthetics together. They all worked together to mix and match, whether it was a matter of incorporating flea market finds, mixing metal finishes, or blending art styles. The result is perfectly bohemian… and surprisingly very San Francisco.

Looking around the home, one is almost surprised with how many different styles can be woven together. A luxe blue velvet sofa sits in the same room with contemporary, geometric bookshelves. A high hat floor lamp echoes the shapes in a coffee table by Sean Woolsey. In the bedroom, who says tufted velvet can’t go with a textured lacquer pair of nightstands? It all comes together in an eclectic mix.


I really loved working with Leah. She’s very intuitive. She understood mine and Tom’s styles straight away and helped us see how they could be brought together.

- Rebecca Michael, Homepolish client



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