Making a Posh Bachelorette Space in TriBeCa

Making a Posh Bachelorette Space in TriBeCa

Making a Posh Bachelorette Space in TriBeCa


Ashley, finance


In a client close-up, we chat with young bachelorette Ashley and her Homepolish designer Jennifer Hallock about how they turned a nondescript apartment into a proper bachelorette haven.

Photos by Daniel Wang.

It’s always so good to see a successful, finished project! Ashley, how did you first come to Homepolish?

Ashley: “Next month, it will be one year in my space. My real estate agent recommended Jennifer specifically. I moved from a small 1-bedroom to a larger 2-bedroom apartment and needed help with all my new space! It felt a bit overwhelming after living in such a small space my entire life. I just wasn’t used to having so much space and needed help with the overall vision. I don’t have many creative bones when it comes to interior design, so I knew it was best for me to partner with someone to reach my goals.”

And that’s where you came in, Jennifer?

Jennifer: “Yeah! And I wouldn’t say Ashley has no creative bones! She has great taste but needed help honing her personal style that had evolved over time. She was looking to find a happy balance between her traditional roots and a desire for things to feel fresh and current. My goal was to pull together a great space that she was fully a part of creating.”

From the looks of it, you two created a cohesive, posh bachelorette vibe.

Jennifer: “I think it starts with the color palette in the living room, which is fresh, vibrant and feminine, from the rug to the blue sofa. But it also carries through with the accessories like her traditional blue and white china which we placed on a modern shelving unit.”

Ashley: “Yes, I love the color schemes Jennifer chose for me, those rich and bold colors in the living room, more neutral colors for my office, and softer tones for my bedroom.”

Jennifer: “Oh, and you can’t forget the gorgeous peonies prints in the living room from Greige Design.”

Definitely an elegant touch! In fact, the space on the whole feels rather “adult.”

Ashley: “We mixed some traditional pieces from my past (dating all the way to my childhood room growing up!) as well as some new modern pieces. Overall, I feel like Jennifer really helped me ‘update’ my style. It feels like the perfect combination of old with new. I also love the small things we did to bring more character to my space without making it cluttered or busy… the floating shelves, for instance in my office were a great addition.”

Jennifer: “Yep, I was able to weave her desk, a dresser, a few tables, and her media console into the design.”

Goes to show that design is an ongoing process, and it makes a big difference finding the right design partner for the journey.

Ashley: “Jennifer and I had some good laughs and had a lot fun throughout the process. I trusted her and couldn’t be happier with the final outcome.”

Jennifer: “Well, it helps when you’re paired with the right client. Not only was Ashley open-minded and trusting of the process, but she was a lot of fun to work with. Those elements are the key to pulling off a successful design project!”



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