Making a LA Talent Agent’s Office Pop

Making a LA Talent Agent’s Office Pop

Making a LA Talent Agent’s Office Pop


Blake Fronstin, talent and literary agent for William Morris Endeavor


A talent agent in Beverly Hills needed his office to be as bright and shining as his clients. Homepolish's Joyce Pickens brought some razzle dazzle to the space.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

We aren’t shallow, we swear. Appearances definitely aren’t everything, but they certainly help. And this is most definitely true in the world of commercial office design. The interior of your office needs to reflect your brand, needs to inspire you, and perhaps most importantly, spark a sense of design envy in your clients. In Los Angeles’s Beverly Hills neighborhood, Blake Fronstin, who operates a busy work life as a talent and literary agent for William Morris Endeavor, knows this all too well.


He had been in the biz for 10 years, and though he had worked with designers in the past, the office was looking a little tired, midcentury style with brown as the dominant color. To make matters even more difficult, the space itself has few right angles and he wasn’t allowed to paint the walls. Homepolish’s Joyce Pickens, however, knew how to work around these constraints and polish up the office to something that would impress current (and prospective) clients.


Since they couldn’t paint, Joyce introduced color with a brightly upholstered sofa and a curated gallery wall. Many of the pieces came from Blake’s own collection, such as the architectural photo of the Guggenheim taken by his father. You might be thinking… wait, if this is an office, where is the desk? See that counter in the corner? That’s a custom standing desk, fabricated by Joyce. Perfect for a man always on the go.

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My lifestyle is BUSY. I often have work days when I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the office. I often work with my shoes off. Joyce immediately understood what I needed, and it was a pleasure to work with her.

- Blake Fronstin, talent agent for WME
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