Making a Home in Cobble Hill

Making a Home in Cobble Hill

Making a Home in Cobble Hill


Kirk Love, graphic designer, & Lili Riveros


For Kirk and Lili, moving their family from the Upper West Side to Brooklyn's Cobble Hill neighborhood meant that it was also time for an apartment make-over.

Photos by Kelsey Ann Rose.

What happens when you take a streamlined minimalist and a lover of color? For Kirk and Lili, a couple that had just moved from the Upper West Side to Cobble Hill with their two kids, this was the dilemma they found themselves in. As a graphic designer, Kirk subscribed to cleanliness, organization, and simplicity, but that didn’t quite to mesh with his wife Lili who loved saturated hues. And of course, stark modernity doesn’t usually mesh with kids.

When the family moved out to Cobble Hill, it was time to call in a professional, Homepolish’s Jenny Kaplan. With all their belongings literally strewn around the 2-bedroom apartment, Kirk was ready to find the right pieces ASAP and get the space in order. The three of them worked together to make the space functional and in line with both aesthetics. And in one bold flourish, Jenny and Lili covered the entire kitchen in sunny graphic wallpaper. Even Kirk grew to love it.


When we looked at the final pictures of the space, we kept saying, “That’s a cool place… We’d like to live there. Oh wait, we do!”

- Kirk L., Homepolish client
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