Making a Family Home in Long Island

Making a Family Home in Long Island

Making a Family Home in Long Island


Patricia and Antonio Trillo


Upgrading from Long Island City to Long Island is nearly necessary when you're planning for a family. Homepolish's Crystal Sinclair made the switch to the suburbs easier.

Photos by Heidi's Bridge.

Ask anyone in New York, and they’ll know. Long Island City is NOT the same as Long Island. Though the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn are technically on the physical island of Long Island, they are not considered part of that island. Long Island City is in Queens. It is a bustling neighborhood with Manhattan right in view across the river. Long Island, on the other hand, is quiet and suburban, the city in the far-off horizon. And let’s just say, the houses are bigger than city apartments.


That’s exactly what Patricia and Antonio Trillo discovered when they made the switch from LIC to Long Island to make room for their newborn baby girl. Suddenly, they had a spacious new-build home, complete with unique angles not found in urban developments. After taking an initial shot at the furnishings, they realized that the job would be much more difficult than one trip to Crate & Barrell or Restoration Hardware (as much as we love them). They needed to get a designer to take on the house, and they found Homepolish’s Crystal Sinclair, who not-so-coincidentally had recently moved from Brooklyn to a Long Island home.

Over the course of a year, they brought in everything from large statement furniture to minor accessories. Colors were kept at a minimum to preserve the fresh, new feeling of the home, but some lighting was swapped out for more pop. Best of all, everything was kept baby-safe for little Eva. Well… except for the cacti. Luckily, she isn’t interested in exploring those.

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