Making a Bright and Inviting Bathroom

Making a Bright and Inviting Bathroom

Making a Bright and Inviting Bathroom


We all know that the bathroom is an essential of any complete home, so it's no wonder our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria has a set of beautiful examples. Follow his ideas for bright and beautiful bathrooms.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

The bathrooms in my LA condo had previously been an 80s nightmare, with brown and pink tiles everywhere, dropped ceilings, and bizarre plastic flooring that looked like it was pulled directly out of the “Star Tours” attraction at Disneyland. The first thing most people said when they walked in was “WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS?” Now, it’s important to keep in mind these bathrooms were original to the 1984 condo, so we were judging them after more than 30 years. BUT STILL, they were pretty gross, and I wanted to make sure whatever I did to renovate them, some jerk like me wouldn’t come along in 30 years and be like “Ew, gross!”

My solution was to keep the color palette totally minimal, with bright marble floors, while walls (Dunn-Edwards White in low sheen), and bold fixtures designed by Jason Wu for Brizo. As I did in the kitchen, I created visual interest with tiles from Fireclay. I designed custom vanities in a walnut finish to bring in warmth and another material. All said and done, I think the bathrooms turned out great, and can teach us a thing or two about how to make a white and bright bathroom that doesn’t bore you to tears.

Follow along with me in the slideshow to see the specifics!

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