Make Your Own Wall Shelves

Make Your Own Wall Shelves

Make Your Own Wall Shelves


Homepolish's Haley Weidenbaum and Sheeva Sairafi, founder of Local + Lejos


With Homepolish's Haley Weidenbaum, DIYs are a snap. Sheeva Sairafi, founder of Local + Lejos, partnered with her to make some luxe wall shelves.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

We know that great design can really help improve the mood of any office, whether you work from home, a small cubicle, or an open workspace. We all spend a lot of time in our workplace, so its important to create an area that you feel inspired in.

A really quick way to make your space feel bigger and more complete is adding shelves in empty space. They can be used for storage, but they also double as a place to keep items that inspire you. Think of it as a daily reminder to help keep your creativity flowing! For me, it was important to be able have shelves big enough for my favorite Local + Lejos baskets to hideaway things like business cards and swatches.

Follow along with Haley and I in the gallery to see how we not only installed the wall shelves, but how we made them POP.