Lulu Founder Alexandra Chong’s Pink Pop Office

Lulu Founder Alexandra Chong’s Pink Pop Office

Lulu Founder Alexandra Chong’s Pink Pop Office


Alexandra Chong, founder and CEO of Lulu


The founder of the "first-ever app for girls," Lulu, wanted a dramatic, colorful office that spoke to her personality and as soon as you enter the space.

Photographs by Emily Sidoti

If your work habits are anything like ours then you spend a lot of time looking a screen. Whether you’re actually working or actually looking at Instagram, we all spend a lot of time straining our poor overworked eyeballs. Considered interior design can help in a multitude of ways including increased eye relief! With our friends at LensCrafters we’ve designed three offices of three inspirational women with eyeball health in mind! Think about the 20/20/20 rule next time your eyelid starts twitching: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. It allows your eyes to readjust, focus, and improves your eye health. We have suggestions for what to look at… Read on!

Alexandra Chong is the founder and CEO of Lulu, the dating app for girls. You know the one: women can rate their exes for other women to read. Though controversial, the app is hugely successful and Alexandra is a majorly impressive human. Setting her up with our designer Matthew, the two started to immediately brainstorm ways to give the office some drama and color. Pops of pink and great art draw the eyes up and around the room. Neon pink tape lines Alexandra’s shelving units, giving the space depth without adding to the budget. Tour the space for more of Matthew’s tips!

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