Living It up in the Chicago Suburbs

Living It up in the Chicago Suburbs

Living It up in the Chicago Suburbs


Laura Branning, beer purveyor, Rian, consultant, and their family


Moving from central Lakeview to the suburb of Elmhurst, the Branning family literally had no furniture to sit on when Homepolish's Megan Born arrived. Now, the space is absolutely luxurious.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

City folks. We constantly live in the reality that our apartments are about the size of a normal-sized living room. For Laura and Rian Branning, this realization was harshly evident when they moved from downtown Chicago to the suburbs. All of their furniture fit into the basement family room… which meant they had a whole 5-bedroom house to furnish. Homepolish’s Megan Born came in when they had virtually no place to even sit.

To make things even crazier, both Laura and Megan were seven months pregnant when the redesign started, giving them all of two months to wrap everything up. But looking at the photos (which were shot with newborns in hand), you’d never guess that it was a quick job! Each space is carefully considered and absolutely luxurious, and even family-friendly to boot.


I really liked working with Megan, because with very little explanation, she understood my style and the look I was going for in our home. She also picked out pieces that I would have never considered myself. Many of these ended up being some of my favorite pieces in the home. She even balanced style and function for a family with small children.

- Laura Branning, Homepolish client