Light, Bright, & Warm: Creating A Cozy, Minimal White Kitchen

Light, Bright, & Warm: Creating A Cozy, Minimal White Kitchen

Light, Bright, & Warm: Creating A Cozy, Minimal White Kitchen


Our creative director Orlando Soria loves nothing more than a well-planned dinner party. So you can only imagine that the kitchen in his Silver Lake condo is immaculate... but still incredibly welcoming.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Oh hi! I didn’t notice you there! I was too busy staring blankly at my freshly-redesigned kitchen in my LA condo! And you know what? I wish you could join me. BUT YOU CAN (in your own home). Today’s topic is how to design a minimal, modern kitchen that doesn’t feel cold and depressing. Like The Revenant, my least favorite movie of all time. So grab a warm cup of tea, wrap yourself in a luxurious cashmere throw, and get ready to feel warm and cozy inside.


Wood flooring

The first technique for bringing warmth into a kitchen is to install wood flooring. I know this freaks a lot of people out, but most wood flooring available these days can withstand kitchen installation. I mean, if you spill water all over it and leave it there for hours, that could cause some damage. But wood can withstand normal kitchen use. Another way to add warmth is by adding a rug. Since there is potential you’ll be spilling spaghetti sauce all over it, I’d choose a rug that can go in the washing machine or an inexpensive sisal that you won’t be worried about.


Vary textures

The key to creating visual interest in a monochromatic space is to include as many materials and textures as possible. In my all-white kitchen, the accent comes from a beautiful backsplash of playful Fireclay tiles. Also in the space: Caesarstone countertops, wooden cabinetry, brass hardware, metal and ceramic lighting, and a rotating menagerie of countertop accessories. Shout out to my Snowe Home dishes, lounging there waiting for dinner. Nothing looks better than a white backdrop for food. In fact, it’ll even make your food more delicious.

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