Our Designer’s Laurel Canyon Cottage

Our Designer’s Laurel Canyon Cottage

Our Designer’s Laurel Canyon Cottage


Matt, Homepolish designer


A well-traveled couple figures out how to bring their worldly adventures home.

When Matt and Andrew moved into this gorgeous Laurel Canyon cottage, they brought with them a collection of furnishings and family heirlooms they’d been collecting throughout the years. Andrew, a graduate student studying clinical psychology, and Matt, a professional model, have eclectic and sophisticated taste—they just needed some direction in bringing everything together in a way that looked natural and cohesive.

As collectors, Matt and Andrew have a home full of objects and art from all over the world. Their Homepolish designer helped get things organized by installing shelving and storage throughout their home. Bringing in a fresh white sofa and a brand new coffee table perfectly balanced out the vintage vibe of the space. Tapping into the clients’ deep appreciation for unique objects, Homepolish relied on flea markets and vintage stores to source furnishings and objects, creating a beautiful and welcoming one-of-kind space.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.


I wanted to find a way to make all of our collected items and furnishings come together in a unique and curated fashion. Our new home feels both beautiful and welcoming.

- Matt, Homepolish designer
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