KitchenAid x Homepolish: A Manhattan Kitchen Transformation

KitchenAid x Homepolish: A Manhattan Kitchen Transformation

KitchenAid x Homepolish: A Manhattan Kitchen Transformation


Megan Wakeley and Angela Lee


To celebrate the release of the new KitchenAid® Artisan® Mini Mixer, KitchenAid® and Homepolish's Becky Shea partnered up to renovate a previously cramped Chelsea kitchen.

Photos by Nick Glimenakis and Kelsey Ann Rose.

Sponsored by KitchenAid.

Good things come in small packages, as the saying goes. And the same can now be said of KitchenAid® mixers. Those stand mixers have long been the sign of a well-established and competent home cook, and they had the girth to back it up. However, the company has now released the KitchenAid® Artisan® Mini Mixer, an appliance that fits more easily into small urban kitchens while still packing the power of the original. To celebrate the new launch, the company partnered with Homepolish to renovate someone’s kitchen in Manhattan. But the question was who?


Scrolling through our inboxes and contacts at headquarters, we found Megan Wakeley and Angela Lee, a couple that has lived in the Chelsea neighborhood for two years. Their kitchen looked like a typical New York cooking space… that is to say, not great. Dim fluorescent lighting and navy-painted walls made for a cave-like feel. Worn walnut cabinetry and linoleum flooring was dated, giving off a 70s vibe. And the layout was hardly ideal for two active cooks. When we found out that the two gals spend their time literally doing good deeds all day (Megan is a social worker at a youth development agency, and Angela is an HR manager at an LGBTQ health clinic.), we knew that a well-deserved kitchen renovation was in order.


Homepolish’s Becky Shea, who knows just how to maximize small kitchens, worked with the couple to create an “elegant, adult kitchen.” First step? Stripping those floors and removing the old cabinetry. Becky chose a dark-stained walnut hardwood for the floors and stark white cabinets, setting up a gorgeous contrast. In keeping with the all-white scheme of the cabinets, white subway tile replaced those navy walls. With all the white, the space already seemed far brighter. It only got better as the fluorescents were replaced with exposed Edison bulb pendants. Then, Becky even made space for a breakfast nook.

Then came the best part (and the most necessary): the appliances. KitchenAid® provided the range, microwave, dishwasher (that’s a big deal for New Yorkers!), and, of course, a KitchenAid® Artisan® Mini Mixer. Available in 10 colorways, Megan and Angela picked a bright punch of “Hot Sauce” red. To match the mixer, rivets on the dishwasher and oven are also red (one of Becky’s favorite details). Now when they’re not out saving the world, the two can be found whipping up something delicious in their brand new space.


Angela and I have known about KitchenAid forever. Angela, in particular, loved the original KitchenAid® mixer as a kid, the design of the machine, its versatility. You could bake, make fresh pasta, anything! I always wanted a red mixer specifically, and now we have one! We can literally cook 5 things at one time, and that doesn’t even include using the oven. The kitchen has become the highlight of our home for sure.

- Megan Wakeley, Homepolish client
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