Kitchen Inspo: Our Favorite Dining Nooks

Kitchen Inspo: Our Favorite Dining Nooks

Kitchen Inspo: Our Favorite Dining Nooks

The breakfast nook just keeps getting better. See how our designers created custom banquettes and beautiful built-ins that dive into the dining nook trend.

Be honest: food tastes more delicious when you are comfortable. No one enjoys a super stuffy dining experience as much as they enjoy indulging while sitting in a casual atmosphere. You still want something better than a boring breakfast table (or worse, your sofa).

Enter the dining nook. The perfect balance of relaxed and refined—and the perfect use of the odd corner in your abode. Our designers know how to build the best banquettes and carve out a chic space where was once just some cabinets. Take a look at these dining nook ideas and get inspired to create your own ideal eatery.


Designer: Beth Partyka and Meg Sullivan of Charlotte Williams Interiors
Photographer: Dustin Halleck

Designer: Maggie Burns
Photographer: Sean Litchfield


Designer: Haley Weidenbaum
Photographer: Tessa Neustadt


Designer: Jae Joo
Photographer: Julia Robbs

Designer: Orlando Soria
Photographer: Zeke Ruelas

Designer: Steven Santosuosso
Photographer: Joyelle West


Designer: Ariel Okin
Photographer: Seth Caplan

Designer: Emma Beryl
Photographer: Nick Glimenakis


Designer: Marc Houston
Photographer: Sean Litchfield


Designer: Nicole Fisher
Photographer: Sean Litchfield

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