Kelly Oxford’s Palm Springs-Inspired Paradise

Kelly Oxford’s Palm Springs-Inspired Paradise

Kelly Oxford’s Palm Springs-Inspired Paradise


Kelly Oxford, Writer


Mid-century furnishings and cool pops of color make this bright home feel like Palm Springs in its prime.

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt and Sean Gin.

After we had so much fun doing her office it was kind of a no-brainer that I’d design Kelly Oxford’s new house. She’s a super easy client and highly entertaining to work with. Half our texts were about furniture, the other half were attempts to make each other laugh. Let this be a lesson to all of us that if you want someone to work super hard for you, tell them a joke!

The inspiration for Kelly’s home were the beautiful mid-century homes in Palm Springs we are both obsessed with. Kelly loves clean lines and contemporary accents, but there’s a special place in her heart for vintage kitsch – items that have a bit of humor to them. It’s like the way she dresses, always wearing something playful or funny. She can pull it off because she’s obnoxiously beautiful, but I appreciate that she wears things that are daring and weird. She’s not just another pretty girl. She has a big personality and I wanted to make sure it came through in her space. So tour her space below and see how we brought Palm Springs to her LA home.



Kelly’s kitchen was remodeled in the 90s and is in pristine condition so we decided to keep it exactly the same and just add to it. There is something very Kelly Wearstler about all the black and white and the room feels very hip for something designed 20 years ago. The space is also super bright and airy, so I added in some pretty sheer drapes from Barn & Willow that allow light to come in while framing the sliding glass doors that lead to the pool. The result is a simple, welcoming dining nook where Kelly can yell at her kids to do their homework.


One of the biggest challenges of working with the great room’s giant-ness was how to divide up the space. I wanted to make sure there was ample space for lounging as well as break up the room into three distinct areas: TV/lounging area, sitting/relaxing area, and dining area. Adding the two facing sofas gave us the opportunity to break up the space. The three matching rugs from Rugs USA also helped break up the room. Because the sofas were so far apart, I added two glamorous contemporary coffee tables from Apt2B to connect the two sofas and make them feel less lonely.


I’ve hung out at Kelly’s place watching trash TV a few times (mainly when her family was gone and she was terrified of being murdered while alone in her giant scary house). Thus, I knew it was important to her to get a comfy sectional sofa she could lounge on with her family. The sectional we found at Apt2B was the ideal answer to all our prayers and screams. It’s the perfect combo of style and function. Easy to look at, yet still lovely to sit in. My favorite thing in the whole project is the paintings above the fireplace. The giant paintings are by an LA artist named Erika Gragg and I commissioned them especially for this space. The triptych is painted on wood panel and it goes perfectly with the tropical/Palm Springs vibe of the place. I also commissioned some sculptures by Ben Medansky to decorate the coffee tables. These handmade, local items give Kelly’s house a vibe that is customized to where she lives and what her style is.

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