Introducing The Inside x Katherine Carter for Homepolish

Introducing The Inside x Katherine Carter for Homepolish

Introducing The Inside x Katherine Carter for Homepolish


For Homepolish designer Katherine Carter, creating an exclusive six-print collection for The Inside was all about stepping outside.

Photos by Ched Mellon

Today, The Inside—purveyors of custom, fashion-forward furnishings—unveils its latest collection of six exclusive prints (available for purchase here), designed by our very own Katherine Carter.

“I love fabric and wallpaper and always said one day I would create my own line,” Katherine shares. “I knew the vibe I wanted immediately, so coming up with the designs was effortless.”

Creating that vibe for The Inside was, ironically, all about stepping outside.

“I was inspired by nature’s organic palette,” she reveals. “The collection is made up of curvilinear features—the opposite of geometric patterns. Patterns in nature are irregular, uneven, asymmetrical, flowing, unpredictable, gentle, freeform, and soft, and that is what I wanted to show in this collection.”

The designer was particularly inspired by her travels around the world, including a visit to Peru’s famous Maras salt mines. Her Fracture print, for instance, mimics the white crackles nestled in the region’s steep mountainside.

In her own Los Angeles home—a space equally as influenced by her ventures abroad—the designer has already incorporated a few of her favorite pieces from the collection, including the Black Fracture Cocktail Chair and the Black Sibyl Headboard.

“I chose to use only a black-and-white palette,” Katherine says. “This makes the fabric on the furniture very interchangeable. I styled them with pops of color and art. This line can really work in most aesthetics.”

The beauty of the collection is that your decide which aesthetic you want to establish, first by selecting the print, and then deciding on a furniture style—from a cocktail ottoman and Mid-Century bench to removable wallpaper and a modern platform bed.

“There is nothing like having a vision and bringing it to life,” Katherine says.

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