Into The Gloss’s Downtown NYC Office

Into The Gloss’s Downtown NYC Office

Into The Gloss’s Downtown NYC Office


Into The Gloss, beauty blog


Bright, white, and welcoming, the Into the Gloss office design has everything the blog's beauty experts need. From product storage to patio furniture to vaulted ceilings, the space is chic, clean and very on-brand.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

When the people and objects regularly coming into your office are the likes of actress Kristen Stewart, pop star Selena Gomez, and the new Mac Cosmetics collection before it hit stores, it makes sense that you want the office’s design to be clean and unobtrusive. When Into The Gloss’s Founder and CEO Emily Weiss sat down with Homepolish cofounder Noa Santos and designer Andrea Perez, she cited the pared down attitude of Isabel Marant’s collections, bright white interiors, and minimalist photography as her references. The final design is a beautifully clean space with accents of foliage and copper. Bright, welcoming, and perfect for interviewing and shooting whom/whatever walks out of the private elevator.

With two patios (yes, two) the obvious choice was to dedicate one to a long table with room for red solo cups and ping pong ball-tossing. You know, to build office culture. The other has chic outdoor furniture and a view of Canal St. (high enough to just see it, not smell it). Noa and Andrea took the project from raw space to highly functional, high-ceilinged office. With custom storage for the team’s plethora of beauty products, a very chic conference area, and comfortable (yet organized) working spaces, the office has absolutely everything it needs to work for and reflect the very cool ITG gang.

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