Interview with Homepolish LA’s Chloe Poturalski

Interview with Homepolish LA’s Chloe Poturalski

Interview with Homepolish LA’s Chloe Poturalski


Ever since Homepolish's Chloe Poturalski took a dual program in high school in interior design, she has been absolutely hooked. Her verve for the profession shines right through in this one-on-one.

Chloe! We’re coming up on your 1-year anniversary of working for Homepolish! Congrats! How did you come into the interior design profession in the first place?

“In my junior year of high school, I became dual enrolled in a trade school that had an interior design program. I went there for the remainder of high school and fell in love with every aspect of the field. From there, I went on to college pursuing an interior design degree and always thought I would end up changing my mind one way or another, but each year that passed I became more and more obsessed. Best career choice ever. Now I try to imagine a life without interior design, and that just sounds god awful.”

“My work brought me to Hermosa Beach (in LA County) 4 years ago. I’m born and raised in Phoenix, but you couldn’t pay me to go back to 120-degree weather.”



Interior design was the best career choice ever. Now I try to imagine a life without interior design, and that just sounds god awful.


Hahaha, well, who could resist being so close to the beach?! Would you say that you’ve become a “California designer” as well?

“Well, I don’t know if I can make a sweeping statement about my style, but my dream space is unmistakably California. My dream office would be the height of luxury in my imaginary future home hanging over the ocean in Malibu. It would be a room in the house where there was nothing but floor-to-ceiling windows, white Belgian linen curtains, and a giant green velvet-upholstered desk chair that I can sit cross-legged in. My desk would be facing the ocean view (obviously), and I truly don’t think I would ever leave that room. Oh, also a wine fridge installed in there would not be a terrible idea.”

Oh, that’s not a terrible idea AT ALL. Is it safe to assume that your favorite design inspo space is also in California?

“Actually, it’s not! My all-time favorite design space is the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe. It’s absolutely stunning, from the clean modern lines, the amazing use of materials, and the pure ingenuity of the building itself, I could stare at it all day long. The fact that it was built over 50 years ago yet it looks like it should be featured in a spread of a 2017 Architectural Digest is truly mind-blowing to me. That man was pure genius, and he will always be such an inspiration to me.”



Mies van der Rohe was pure genius, and he will always be such an inspiration to me.


Are there other things that you look to for inspiration on the reg?

“Usually my answer to this question would be that I keep my eyes glued to everything on Pinterest… however, lately I have been obsessed with religiously going through magazines, especially European ones. I really don’t understand how everything they do over there is so dang beautiful. They always have the latest and greatest trends. It’s quite possibly a full-time job to keep up with all of them, but I do what I can to get super inspired!”

So what trends are you picking up on from the other side of the pond?

“Colored. Fricken. Kitchen. Cabinets. I am obsessed. I love love LOVE how designers and clients are just winging it and saying ‘yes’ to color. The dark blues and mossy greens are my favorite. I want this trend to last forever!”

Is there a project that you’re working on now that you’re able to start implementing these different ideas?

“Yes! One of my favorite projects to date: a current project in Culver City. I am absolutely in love with the client. (I even got a family Christmas card from them in the mail… I died.) This lovely family of 5 just bought a beautiful 1950s Spanish style home that needed A LOT of work. Super outdated kitchen, ugly floors, and hideous light fixtures, BUT it has amazing bones. Think arched ceilings, stunning fireplace, and amazing windows with light shining in at every angle. We decided to tackle the whole house in stages, starting with the kitchen. Ever since installation, I have been shedding tears of joy. The floors are a dark stained walnut, the cabinets are crisp white along with the countertops, and the backsplash is hand-painted Spanish tiles with blue and yellow tones. The lighting is fun and whimsical from the yellow Schoolhouse Electric pendants to armed sconces over the windows. I could really go on and on about this project, but the clients’ favorite part about everything so far are the Spanish tiles on the backsplash. They can’t stop drooling over them. We have about 12 more months of designing to go, but we’ll get this project done one room at a time!”

Needless to say, we already can’t wait to photograph it! Just let us know.


To see more of Chloe’s California life, check out her Instagram at @chloepoturalski.