Interview: Megan Collins, Style Girlfriend

Interview: Megan Collins, Style Girlfriend

Interview: Megan Collins, Style Girlfriend


Megan Collins, founder of Style Girlfriend


We talk food, boys (men!), and blog life with the Internet guru of menswear.

In case you don’t know, Style Girlfriend is a men’s style blog from a woman’s point of view. They say the best ideas are the simplest ones (like Homepolish!) and Megan Collins definitely hit the nail on the head with her site. Waxing poetic on every male-inclined style idea from interiors to suits, she has a serious coterie of dude fans (and their girlfriends) worshipping her every word. From her Homepolish-designed home office, Megan answers some questions about food, Greenpoint and what it means to be a style guru for the opposite sex.

Hey Megan, thanks for letting us ask you stuff. Let’s talk about about your designer Shelly. How much do you love her on a scale from 1 to 10?

Umm, 1,000? From our very first meeting, Shelly and I totally clicked. She’s an amazing designer and now I’m happy to call her a friend. She let me be as involved as I wanted, but also sort of took charge and helped me make decisions when I was feeling wishy-washy or freaked out (I’m a Cancer – we’re not so good with change). Not that I was surprised, the whole team at Homepolish is pretty amazing.

Hey, thanks! How much more productive do you feel in your new official home office?

So much! It sounds both silly and obvious, but I truly get so much more done when I’m happy to be where I’m working. It’s easy to stay motivated when I have a comfortable chair, a beautiful desk, and a wall I like looking at it while staring off into space waiting for inspiration to strike. Having a well-appointed workspace really makes me feel like I’m “at the office” when I sit down to work each morning. Having such a striking home office area also makes it easier to separate my work life from my home life, which is important for someone like me who’s loathe to close their laptop at the end of even the longest of long days.

So, you’ve created a career out of your great taste. Why did you reach out to Homepolish?

My publicist had used Homepolish when she and her husband moved into a new apartment and couldn’t stop raving about the service. So I reached out to Noa just to see what we might be able to do together. Style Girlfriend is all about developing your personal style, and your home is a huge reflection of that style.

Style Girlfriend has been around for 5 years! What’s your favorite part of running the site?

My favorite part of Style Girlfriend is my readers. The community that has sprung up around the site continues to astonish and humble me. The guys coming to the site every day, engaging in the comments, getting involved on Facebook and Twitter, even emailing me to tell me about their most recent wardrobe purchase or the compliment they got that day on their outfit… I love it. It’s really satisfying to see the little corner of the internet Style Girlfriend has dug out for itself and recognize what a positive place it is to hang out. I’m really proud of that.

What big projects are you excited about next?

I’m doing more video this year, which is new and I feel like I’m terrible at it (I say “y’know what” ALL THE TIME), but I also really like getting to connect with a wider audience and hopefully showcasing my personality a bit more. I love writing, but it’s been great giving my readers a chance to connect the name with the face.

What are you doing tomorrow?

I just had to check my calendar… Usually I have no idea what my day looks like until I start getting meeting reminders pinging on my phone. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my publisher; to discuss my first e-book! It’s called “Build a Wardrobe Women Want to See You Wearing: The Style Girlfriend Guide.” I’m nervous, but excited!

What’s your favorite neighborhood restaurant?

There are so many! I live in Greenpoint and there’s a huge Polish community which means great Polish food. My favorite is a tiny place called Lomzynianka that’s cash only and BYOB. Around the corner is a Balinese restaurant called Selamat Pagi that I could eat brunch at every weekend. When I’m feeling lazy, I order pizza from Vinnies, and eat the leftovers for a week.

What clothing item or home object should every man have?

A great suit and a clean bedspread.