Interview: Jodie Snyder Morel, Dannijo Cofounder and President

Interview: Jodie Snyder Morel, Dannijo Cofounder and President

Interview: Jodie Snyder Morel, Dannijo Cofounder and President

And for one random question: Frank Sinatra or Lady Gaga?

Frank Sinatra

What does your dream house look like?

On the beach with lots of windows. I love natural light.

Dannijo has a huge social following – what Instagrams do you explore for design inspiration?

For interior design inspiration I love noa_santos, kellywearstler, annikavonholdt, mimithor, eskayel, theglowdotcom (for nurseries), tuulavintage, annstreetstudio, margaret__zhang, eyeswoon.

How closely do you and Danielle work together outside of Dannijo? Did you consult one another on your respective home design projects?

Yes, we consult each other on everything. She lives one floor below me so we are always running back and forth to talk about things. We love antique and vintage shopping together and tend to buy pieces for our homes together. We love going to Brimfield every summer and have found some amazing pieces there.

What were your and your sister Danielle’s inspirations for this season’s collection? Did any of that influence make it’s way into Margaux’s room?

Our inspiration is always eclectic and I like spaces that have the same vibe. We draw inspiration from so many different places from our travels to music and I love to live in spaces that have the same personal touch. It’s nice to have pieces that remind me of my travels or were created by other people who inspire me. I love the art in Margaux’s room because one piece is from our close friend Lyle Owerko and the other pieces are from a talented artist Jenna Snyder Phillips who I recently met.

What material do you love designing jewelry with most?

I love using metal. My favorite is an oxidized silver finish.

From where did you and Noa pull inspiration when designing the nursery?

We didn’t want the space to feel like a nursery. We started with a soft color palette of whites and greys and brought in touches of color. Once the furniture was installed we thought about the accessories and final touches. Design is always a process and it’s nice to build a space in steps so you can feel the vibe of the space develop.

What do you think will be Margaux’s favorite bedroom furnishing when she’s older? What’s your favorite now?

I love the Povl Kjer rocking sheep and the Jenna Snyder Phillips Giraffe painting. Margaux already loves the giraffe painting and stares at it everyday.