Interview: Halsey Schroeder, Halsbrook

Interview: Halsey Schroeder, Halsbrook

Interview: Halsey Schroeder, Halsbrook


Halsey Schroeder, Founder and CEO of Halsbrook


We interviewed Halsey Schroeder, the founder and CEO of e-commerce site Halsbrook, about her chic, on-brand office redesign.

Halsey Schroeder’s inspiration for Halsbrook came from her mother’s excellent and unfailing taste, her childhood summer vacation town (Millbrook, NY) and her desire for an e-commerce site that offered timeless and stylish clothing. A carefully built wardrobe is an idea often lost in the hubbub of trending-whatever but Halsbrook is carving a growing space for itself in the Internet ether. As she says, “Everything was too flashy and trendy” in the markets available so Halsey decided to create her own. Part of building her brand was, of course, having a physical office and showroom to display Halsbrook vendors and accommodate her growing business team. We interviewed the power woman about fashion, business and how much she loves her Homepolish-designed office. Read on below!

Hey Halsey! So, the inspiration behind Halsbrook was your mother’s sophisticated taste. What do you admire most about her style?

My mother has a very classic aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. She taught me the value of investing in staples, but still having fun with your wardrobe.

Did you have a favorite piece of hers when you were little? Where is it now?

She saved one of her prom dresses – it looks right out of Mad Men with a cinched waist and bow. She has it in a closet in our house, and I’m still holding out hope that I’ll have an occasion to wear it!

Casey is a dream, right? What did you love most about working with her?

Casey is amazing! From the beginning, she understood exactly what we needed and exactly who we were. She did an incredible job of balancing our Halsbrook aesthetic of both modern and classic elements. Can we also talk about her adorable dog Tuck?

We LOVE Tuck. He’s incredible. And now for a dreamy question: If you could have Homepolish design anything in the world for you (or for Halsbrook) what would it be?

Our next much bigger office (fingers crossed).

What’s changed about running Halsbrook now that you have an office that reflects your aesthetic?

Well first, coming to work in the morning is a lot more enjoyable! Halsbrook is a brand that exists online, so it’s nice to have an office, which can communicate our aesthetic in the real world. I think it’s also hugely helpful for the team to be working in a space that reflects the Halsbrook brand.

What’s your favorite part of the redesigned space?

Casey turned every room into a warm, inviting workspace, so I love walking into our office and seeing everyone working in different places. If I had to choose one specific thing, it would be the palm print wallpaper in the conference room – I now look forward to long meetings!

Who’s your celebrity style icon?

Cher Horowitz, but mostly because I dream about her rotating closet.