Interview: Gray Malin, Photographer

Interview: Gray Malin, Photographer

Interview: Gray Malin, Photographer


Gray Malin, Photographer


We talk Gray's overnight home transformation, favorite beaches and the history of his inimitable career.

Photographs courtesy of One Kings Lane and Gray Malin

Gray Malin is actually no longer a photographer. He’s now, officially, a brand. Gracing the surface of every cool thing you can think of with his iconic birdseye-view beach prints, Gray’s imagery will exponentially improve your life with beauty. iPhone cases, surfboards, swimwear, umbrellas, wallpaper and ceramics are all things you can adorn your home with in an effort to bring Gray’s glamorous, chic and well-traveled world into yours. After we redesigned his LA living room and backyard with One Kings Lane, we asked him a few questions about career goals, working with color and throwing parties.

Thanks for doing this, Gray! Let’s get started. How much do you love your new sitting room and backyard?

I love them so much it hurts! For the first few weeks it just didn’t seem real… I mean to have two incredible spaces transformed virtually overnight is totally surreal.

Yeah that was certainly a quick turn around! How many parties have you had since the redesign?

We had our first big party just the other week! It was a launch event for my new website tied into a bit of a housewarming and it was so amazing to finally open the space and let everyone come and see all the hard work that’s gone into making a house feel like a home. Since then we’ve had two more parties and just bought a grill for summer BBQs.

Wow, full circle! So, have you always had an affinity for color or did you go through a black and white (or gray!) phase?

I went through a TOTAL black and white phase – especially having started in the darkroom. I love black and white but once I discovered color…. It’s been tough to go back.

What’s your new favorite One Kings Lane furnishing?

The bookshelves in our living room are incredible – they are tall and the dark maple wood is gorgeous with the bronze metal sides… They really give the room a presence!

How much did you love working with your designer Orlando Soria?

My husband, Jeff and I adored working with Orlando and we actually just ran into him on Saturday night at a Cinespia screening. He is such a wonderful and kind-spirited guy with an incredible talent and I am beyond thrilled we were able to work with him – I hope we get to work together in the future.

If you could photograph anyone/thing who/what would it be?

Hmm… I am so fortunate that I get to work on my dream projects but I think going into outer space to shoot would be a totally amazing experience.

When and how did you start taking pictures? What inspired you to pursue a career in photography?

I started taking pictures when I was a teenager but never really thought of it as a viable career until I pursued it as a second major in college. I never totally gave up on ‘the dream’. After school I moved to LA for an internship at Paramount and when I landed a job working for the President of the studio everyone thought it was a great opportunity but after a year I quit because I had to give photography a chance (my parents thought I was insane). I started out taking more classes and interning for big photographers like David LaChapelle and then decided to rent a booth at a Sunday swap-meet in West Hollywood at Melrose and Fairfax. It was definitely a humbling experience but I met so many incredible people in the community and was able to display my work effectively, eventually making a name for myself. Ironically the entrance to the sunday market is now just a block down from where we bought our first home!

We’ll add all of those to our dream travel location list! What are you excited to work on next?

I am working on a project in Greece in July and I am so excited to explore the islands. It’ll be my first time there!

We love your colors! Obviously, you’re a beach aficionado. What’s your favorite beach in the world?

That is an IMPOSSIBLE question to answer but a few of my favorites are the beaches along Sydney, Australia (Coogee, Bondi, Bronte), Rio de Janiero’s Ipanema and Cape Town’s Camp’s Bay.

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