Innovative Backsplash Ideas

Innovative Backsplash Ideas

Innovative Backsplash Ideas

A kitchen backsplash can do better than protect your walls. Our designers let function create a focal point with these bold backsplashes.

There’s a lot to consider when redoing a kitchen—cabinets, counters, lighting a plethora of shiny appliances. But there’s one design piece that doesn’t get enough attention: the undersung backsplash. It’s literally the background of the kitchen, but it should be in the forefront of your mind when you’re redesigning your kitchen.

Thankfully, our designers know better. Check out some of the innovative ways they’ve brought the backsplash to the forefront, from traditional to truly out there.

Design by: Shannon Tate
Photo by: Claire Esparros

Homepolish designer Shannon Tate completely overhauled her parents’ Long Island kitchen and didn’t stop at traditional subway tile. Moroccan tile behind the stove adds a global touch to whatever her ‘rents are cooking.

Design: Beth Partyka and Meg Sullivan of Charlotte William Interiors
Photos by: Dustin Halleck

Chicago duo Beth and Mag weren’t afraid to inject a little color into this kitchen with a boldly blue geometric backsplash complimented by hints of mint throughout the space.

Design by: Daniela Malca Benloulou
Photos by: Amy Bartlam

Sometimes color is best reserved for elsewhere, but there’s still a chance for the backsplash to shine. The slight sparkle of the tile in Daniela Malca Benloulou’s kitchen adds a layer of drama and dimension to doing the dishes.

Design by: Jesse Turek
Photos by: Sean Litchfield (also above)

For a pair of NYC creatives, designer Jesse Turek wanted “classic and timeless but chic and dramatic.” The solution: subway tile spun into a graphic herringbone pattern and accented with super sleek slate grout. “I chose a chevron pattern backsplash with textured ridges,” Jesse explains. “The grout is a dark gray which matches the color of the island and creates a graphic look against the white tile. This brought the entire kitchen together and made the clients very happy.” We’re pretty happy too (if it counts for anything).

Design by: Noa Santos
Photo by: Julia Robbs

Herringbone is also the slick trick to more subtle effects at our own Homepolish headquarters. Cofounder Noa Santos and Homepolish designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks, used white subway tile in the same out-of-the-box installation, here with rich navy cabinets. Who wore it best?

Design by: Becky Shea
Photo by: Claire Esparros

We can’t resist more Moroccan tile, so we adored how Homepolish’s Becky Shea played up the impact of this Brooklyn apartment’s bold backdrop with equally textured accents.

Design by: Elizabeth Bomberger
Photo by: Regan Wood

Still not luxurious enough for you? A breathtaking Brooklyn gut renovation by Homepolish designer Elizabeth Bomberger is the end-all. The kitchen, an absolute wash of bright colors, features a custom tile mosaic backsplash by Sicis. You can’t get more artistic and fantastic than that.

Design by: Natalie Chianese
Photo by: Daniel Wang

Sometimes you just need to max out on marble. For this New Jersey home, designer Natalie Chianese layered on the lux with a crisp backdrop with stunning veining for added impact.

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