Innovative Backsplash Ideas

Innovative Backsplash Ideas

Innovative Backsplash Ideas

Not only are kitchen backsplashes necessary, they can be the focal point of your kitchen. These are some of Homepolish's backsplash moments in the front of our minds.

When you think of a kitchen, you probably think of all those shiny appliances: the range, the refrigerator, the dishwasher, hey… even your KitchenAid mixer. But rarely do people think about that design piece playing in the background of the room… the lonely backsplash. It’s literally the background of the kitchen, but it should be in the forefront of your mind when you’re redesigning your kitchen. Below, we have some innovative ways to make your backsplash really sparkle, from traditional to truly out there.


In an enchanting Hollywood Hills home by Homepolish’s premiere designer Orlando Soria, a new traditional kitchen with clean lines and neutral colors was the way to go. The backsplash is subway tile, often a popular choice for kitchens. But as opposed to the traditional white or black, Orlando specified the tilework in a gray-scale color with white grout, which provides a nice moment of contrast.


Homepolish designer Shannon Tate complete overhauled her parents’ Long Island kitchen, also using subway tile in the traditional white. To give the backsplash pop, though, she added in a touch of Moroccan tile right behind the stove. That accent makes all the difference.


And who says that subway tile always has to go horizontally? In the Homepolish headquarters (yes, our own NY office) by cofounder Noa Santos and Homepolish designer Shelly Lynch-Sparks, white subway tile is backed by black grout. But what’s this? It’s arranged in a surprising herringbone pattern! And we can attest, our guests always love it.


And let’s pause for a sec and go back to that Moroccan tile moment. In a young couple’s Brooklyn apartment by Homepolish’s Becky Shea, the kitchen already came with gorgeous Moroccan cement tile in the kitchen. The bold pattern automatically makes a big statement in the space.


Is that overboard for you? Scale it back, and choose your backsplash tile in a color that’s reflective of your surroundings. In this San Clemente beach house by Orlando Soria, the team chose a light aqua color, reflecting the nearby Pacific. If you’re in a more bucolic environment, perhaps a green colorway, or in the city, grayscale and ivories.


And speaking of urban environs, check out this knock-out of a Chicago kitchen by Homepolish’s Guinevere Johnson. In an elegant and luxurious choice, Guin installed one, giant slab of Carrara marble as the kitchen backsplash. Smartly, she did not use it for the counters, since it can stain easily during food prep.


Still not luxurious enough for you? A breathtaking Brooklyn gut renovation by Homepolish designer Elizabeth Bomberger is the end-all. The kitchen, an absolute wash of bright colors, features a custom tile mosaic backsplash by Sicis. You can’t get more artistic and fantastic than that.


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