Industrial Chic for a Brooklyn Co-working Space

Industrial Chic for a Brooklyn Co-working Space

Industrial Chic for a Brooklyn Co-working Space

In the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, Homepolish's Justin Huxol transformed an old parole office into a collaborative workspace that will foster creativity.

Photos by Morgan Yeager.

At Homepolish, we’re all about collaboration, whether it’s between a client and a designer or within our company. So when offices come to us asking to build out more collaborative workspaces, we’re head over heels to help out. This was the case for CoLab Factory, a new co-working brand based out of Downtown Brooklyn. Putting commercial design expert Justin Huxol on the job, a new type of office started to come together.


You’d never guess that when the project began the space had been a city parole office. Grim, right? It was bare bones with essentially no design flourishes (pretty much what you’d expect from a municipal governing office). Luckily, Justin had worked in a co-working design incubator himself. Not only was he able to completely demolish and redesign the space, but he was able to do it in a style that was reflective of the Brooklyn creative movement. Of course, this works perfectly for a company that’s all about fostering the maker and innovator culture.


The 10,000 square-foot space has a variety of spaces, perfect for an assortment of work styles. Large open lounges and casual high-top tables encourage private work breaks or informal meetings. Three large conference rooms and a classroom provide for more structured environments. And it wouldn’t be complete without the kitchen and café area. All in all, it works for the individual as well as the group. #win


We got a lot done on a very tight budget. By employing cost-effective interior finishes, we gave the vast space a massive facelift in a few strategic moves. I am excited to see how CoLab Factory taps into this vibrant Brooklyn culture and economy as it gets underway.

- Justin Huxol, Homepolish designer
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