Homepolish’s ICFF Trends Roundup

Homepolish’s ICFF Trends Roundup

Homepolish’s ICFF Trends Roundup


Homepolish designer Angela Belt went to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair to get a sneak peek on the interior design marketplace. Check out the latest trends she spied for the coming year.

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (or as insiders say, ICFF) comes once a year to New York. For designers, we get the opportunity to see what’s trending in interior design and home décor from all over the world. There are hundreds of vendors at this premier event. Oh, and I’m not even kidding… you need several latte breaks to take in the size and scale of it. As I walked around, I noticed three dominant trends at ICFF this year. I hope they inspire you.


1. Sculptural Lighting

Lighting across the marketplace has been veering away from product design and more toward architecture in its sculptural forms. Many of the pieces on the ICFF floor seemed more like pieces of art as opposed to something that helps you not bump into the walls in the middle of the night. Molo Studio created Cloud Softlight pendants that have an airy sculptural form and can be easily manipulated by hand. Each light fixture undulated up and down (like a real cloud!). AlexAllen Studio’s Chord light fixture looked like this futuristic semi-circle glowing from another planet at first glance, but once I took a closer look (and settled down a little bit), I realized it’s a bent metal lamp that is affixed to LED lights that creates this glow throughout the entire semicircle. (You can see it above.) Then there was Secto Design, which designs wood pendants from premium Finnish veneers and assembles each light fixture by hand. Each light fixture had a glowing silhouette, because the light source was concealed behind the wooden bands. Each light in their booth looked like it was floating instead of simply hanging from the ceiling.


2. Old Style, New Tricks

Using a traditional form or material and repurposing it with a contemporary twist is a mainstay of interior creativity, and this year did not disappoint. Dvelas upcycled old boat sails to create modern outdoor furniture for this year’s collection. It emphasizes the texture and patterns of the old sails as the hallmark of their brand along with modern forms. Similarly, the Brooklyn based company Volk was influenced by mid-century and Danish design. With the use of different metals and designing furniture with a thinner silhouette, they were able to create a more contemporary style to their collection. (Though those pieces in the picture above would easily be welcome in Don Draper’s home, right?) Lastly, when we think of quilt-making, we think old, traditional, and a lot of work, right? Well, Minnesota-based textile company Louise Gray took the age-old tradition of quilt-making, and re-interpreted it with modern patterns and a minimal color palette to design quilts that are appealing to any modern bedroom.


3. Futuristic

At ICFF, there is always this unique group of designers that when you see their work, it’s not quite like anything else you’ve ever seen before. I felt that moment as I found myself gravitating towards the Swedish company Bla Station. They are creating seating withan unmistakable futuristic blob-like form… almost like something you’d see out of Wall-E (check it out above). AirBnb creator, Joe Gebbia’s Neighborhood collection for Berhardt Design was made up of modular furniture pieces that literally click together like Legos, so your layout and color options are endless. I know modular furniture isn’t anything new at this point, but I loved that collection. Lastly, I landed on this innovative use of materials. Shore Rugs has designed a handwoven rug out of silicone cords that works literally anywhere. This rug is UV resistant, waterproof, comfy underfoot, and the list goes on… the only thing it’s missing is a magic genie to make it fly.


Look out for these trends in the coming year of interior design product! And if you’re hungry for more trends, check out our designers’ roundup.