How We Match You With a Designer

How We Match You With a Designer

How We Match You With a Designer

Wondering how we select the right designer for you and your project? We’re pulling back the curtain on our process so you can see how our team makes its matches.

At Homepolish, we believe that great design is a collaboration—and that the right collaborator matters. That’s why we pair you with the right interior design and renovation professionals from our network of vetted professionals.

But how do we find the right partner for you? As the best matchmakers know, it’s a little bit about compatibility and a lot a bit about timing. Here’s how it works.

So how do you find the right designer for me?
Our team of Design Success Managers carefully reviews all the details you provided during signup. Using that information, our team identifies a potential designer that would make the best partner for you. We factor in the designer’s expertise, specific skill sets, style alignment, and availability, as well as basics like your location and budget. Occasionally, we may reach out to discuss your project further. We want to be sure we have as much information as possible upfront so we can minimize issues later. Once we make our selection, we present your project details to the designer. If he or she is available and feels they would be a good fit for your project, we introduce you, and you’ll have your complimentary consultation. (You can read tips for that step here).

Who are these designers? How does Homepolish select them?
Let’s start at the very beginning. Whatever your aesthetic, we have over a thousand interior designers and renovation professionals nationwide, so we feel pretty confident in saying that we’ll be able to find a fit for you and your project.

Our designers come with a wide range of experience, background, and expertise. The majority have trained in the field formally, while others have had years of industry experience. We love designers with unique skill sets—painters, textile designers, pottery pros, Feng Shui experts, former prop makers. When our designers have passion projects, we know they’ll be passionate about their work. The skill we search for above all is their ability to work within a variety of budgets and styles to accomplish a space tailored and curated for each client.

We also source talent specifically for a location’s needs. Different cities require different considerations. For example, in Boston and Philadelphia, we’ll hunt for designers that specialize in modernizing historic homes. In Washington D.C., our clients may lean a tad more traditional than Seattle, so we’ll look for pros who excel accordingly. And, of course, personality matters. We select designers who are open, kind, thoughtful, and interested in building a partnership with their clients.

Once we meet a designer, we extensively vet candidates in a multi-step process that includes interviews, background and insurance checks and reviews of their previous work. Through the application process, we get to know each designer, exploring their areas of expertise and communication style. Once they are on board, we continually offer them opportunities to grow, with industry and platform education and career development based on client feedback.

What can I do to help the matching process?
The more information you can give us, the better we can find the right designer for you. If you can provide specifics about your budget (for example, outlining your total budget versus what hope to spend on specifically on furniture and decor), your timeline, and the scope of your project, we’ll have more details to help us select a designer that meets your needs. Inspiration images are also super helpful—not because we’ll pick a designer who has a completely corresponding portfolio, but because it will help us better understand what you are looking for with your project.

My designer’s portfolio isn’t the same as my style. Can they achieve what I want?
While some designers have a specific “style,” the best designers focus on channeling your preferences—not their own. Our designers are highly skilled and capable of working in a range of styles. A designer’s portfolio doesn’t always tell the whole story—some clients choose not to have their homes photographed and many designers come from interior design firms who don’t allow usage of their imagery once a designer’s tenure has ended. We recommend meeting your designer in-person and reviewing their proposal before deciding they can’t accomplish what you need. In your consultation, you’ll connect and get a sense of how they work. We feel that a personality fit is paramount since our designers tailor their work to you. Need proof? Check out the range of styles our designers can achieve in our “One Designer, Many Styles” article.

Can I request a specific designer?
We do our best to accommodate requests for specific designers. Note that some designers may be fully booked on other projects or may only take on clients at a certain budget or location.

Why do designer cost vary?
Because of experience and demand, some designers may charge more depending on the scope of the project. Our designer rates begin at $140 per hour, and we require a minimum of ten hours to secure their time—or $1,400. That rate might increase if you are working with a designer who has a specialty, such as architectural restoration. You can read more about designer fees here.

Now that you know how it’s done, are you ready to meet your match? Sign up for Homepolish today.

Photos by Claire Esparros, minus the top left photo by Julia Robbs; Design by Amy Row.