How to Make Your Tiny Studio Work

How to Make Your Tiny Studio Work

How to Make Your Tiny Studio Work


Rebecca Rombom, The Flatiron School


This studio needed a proper layout to function as three different rooms.

Photographs by Claire Esparros.

As head of Business Development and Partnerships at The Flatiron School for coding, Rebekah knows a thing or two about strategy. To spruce up her UWS apartment she contacted Homepolish, purchased ten hours of consultation (plus a bit more in solo shopping excursions) and before she could say “area rug,” Rebekah and her assigned designer, Michele, had created a comfortably beautiful live/work space out of a small Manhattan studio.

Rebekah knew she had to organize her home intelligently so she enlisted Michele’s expertise to arrange her apartment in a way that worked with the space she had. To start, Michele choose items that matched an amazing ikat rug find. Using the purple, saffron and gray colors in the carpet, she sourced accessories to create a unique uncluttered story. Like the bowls of candy—they’re fun and cute while keeping with the apartment’s color scheme—and a large bookshelf, practical for storage, space division and light diffusion. Even though her home office is really just a desk, Rebekah feels like she’s upped her in-home productivity since designating an area to work. We caught up with Rebekah a few weeks after the redesign and in addition to getting more job stuff done at home, a new subscription to online yoga classes means she can spend even more time in her perfectly designed abode. Mission accomplished!

Also featured on Refinery29 in “How To Divide Your Studio Into 3 Chic, Distinct Spaces.”


Once everything was in the apartment it really felt like home. I love my new space so much I’ve subscribed to two online yoga sites so I don’t have to leave my apartment to work out!

- Rebekah, Homepolish client
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