How to Layer Rugs Like a Pro

How to Layer Rugs Like a Pro

How to Layer Rugs Like a Pro

Two is better than one, right? Well, when it comes to rugs, it has been on trend to layer up, and we have our selects to achieve the look with flair.

When it comes to interiors, what happens underfoot can often be overlooked for the showier items. We’re talking those fancy sofas, the paintings, accessories that tell little stories. But, we’ll be the first to assure you that finding the right rug for your home is just as essential to completing a room. Not only do rugs soften a room (for the feet and the eyes), but they also help frame and designate areas.

Now, we’ll admit that choosing a rug is difficult. So you might think we’re crazy when we suggest the idea of layering rugs. WHAT?! Two rugs in one room? Why would we do such a thing? Calm down. It’s not that difficult, especially with the guide below.


Jaipur Rugs

Braidley Jute Rug

Serena & Lily

Metallic Suede & Hemp Rug


Shag Skinny Stripe in Mushroom


Before getting all carried away with tons of textures and colors, define the room with a foundation of neutrals. Laying down a rug composed of natural fibers such as jute, sisal, or hemp will provide a visual break for the eye. Additionally, companies such as Chilewich are coming up with new technologies that make for affordable and extremely durable products that clean easily (Perfect for those with little ones running around). Keep in mind that your neutral base need not fall into the griege colorway. You can go bold with shades of gray or black.



Saskia Flat-Weave Wool Rug

ABC Carpet

Vintage Moroccan Wool Rug

Lulu & Georgia

Leora Rug in Purple


Once you have your base layer, you can introduce color and texture. Whether it’s a modern, geometric print in bright colors or a lush, over-dyed oriental style, just make sure that it contrasts sufficiently with the base. Oriental rugs tend to be a favorite source request on Homepolish, but they pose some difficulties: they are often one-of-a-kind and very pricey. Lucky for ALL of us, some companies are debuting vintage-esque patterns in materials such as polypropylene. Because some of us aren’t made of money.


West Elm

Souk Wool Rug

Jaipur Rugs

Grey Tria Rug


Tres in Black


And who says that just because you have a neutral foundation that you have to have a second layer that’s awash in color? A subtle black and white color scheme can give off a level of sophistication that will surprise anyone. And what you lack in color, you can make up in texture. Ever popular on the site is the West Elm Souk rug (plus, it feels great on your bare feet!). Taking it a step further, Nanimarquina’s Tres rug gives way to a fringe on the edge, which showcases the craftsmanship of the piece.


For even more rug sources, check out our designer Kelly Martin’s article.

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