How to Dip-Dye Your Own Curtains

How to Dip-Dye Your Own Curtains

How to Dip-Dye Your Own Curtains


Leah Ring, Homepolish designer


Tired of the same standard curtains hanging on your windows? Homepolish designer Leah Ring has a knack for extensive DIYs, and here she shows how to add some pizzaz to your drapery.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

Dying curtains is an easy way to completely transform your drapes (and your room) quickly and inexpensively. To achieve an ombre effect, you’ll need a few colors of dye (depending on which color you select) and a little patience, as you’ll have to hold the curtains to achieve the gradient effect. Make sure you complete the dying process in something that won’t stain (or you don’t mind staining), and be aware that it can get messy! It’s also important to rinse the fabric very thoroughly after dying. Keep in mind that colors may fade slightly after washing so it’s okay to err on the side of a little more saturated than you want when you’re in the midst of dying. Be sure to read the label of the fabric dye you’re using, as the packaging should list information regarding the correct temperature and proportions of water and salt for that particular dye. Also research the fabric you’re using to see if there are any certain guidelines per fabric type.

Follow along with me in the gallery to see the step-by-step of taking your curtains from bland to fantastic!

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