How to Design a Nursery for a Newborn

How to Design a Nursery for a Newborn

How to Design a Nursery for a Newborn


Candace Rein, Homepolish designer


Talking to Homepolish designer and new mom Candace Rein, we get the 7 essential tips for designing a bedroom for a new baby.

Photos by Jess Isaac.

More than any other space in a young family’s home, the nursery can be one of the biggest design challenges. Especially when it comes to your first born. You’ve never had to design a space for a tiny human, so how are you supposed to know where to start? Luckily, Homepolish designer Candace Rein recently went through the experience so she’s able to speak first hand about the matter. Right off the bat, she said that when you approach the space that “you need to start thinking like a parent.” Both she and her husband Jason went about making the nursery “fairly gender-neutral, soothing, and a little whimsical while keeping it sophisticated and playful.”

Think like a designer:
1. Choose neutral color tones
2. Go for the black-out shades
3. Maximize storage
4. Opt for soft and natural textiles
5. Add a bit of whimsy
6. Add personal moments
7. Don’t forget the importance of education!

But how do you really think like a parent? Well, Candace outlines it in several tips. Tip #1: start with a neutral color tone. When it comes to designing for baby, you don’t want anything too overwhelming. For Candace, that foundation came with cream-colored walls with a feature wall inspired by vintage steampunk. Of course, the color goes to nearly pitch black when she puts down the roman shades. Control of light is key in nurseries since nap time can really be ANY time (tip #2). Other essentials she included are multi-use storage pieces (tip #3), such as her changing table meets dresser, and soft textures (tip #4), like the denim rug and sheepskin. You don’t want your little one getting hurt in the name of design!

Then, comes the fun stuff. Candace stressed the importance of adding in both touches of whimsy (tip #5) as well as personal touches (tip #6). For the whimsy, one only needs to look at the stuffed lion head above the changing table or the plush rocking horse. The personal touches are more subtle, such as the family photos or the vintage camera on the shelf which originally belonged to Jason’s grandma. Lastly, Candace is already planning for the future. She stocked a bookshelf with early readers. It’s never too soon to start stressing education (tip #7). Sounds like the young parents got it all figured out!



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