How to Deck out Your Home in Coastal Décor

How to Deck out Your Home in Coastal Décor

How to Deck out Your Home in Coastal Décor

Let's be real, who doesn't dream of their very own beach escape? Whether you're soaking up sunrays in a Venice Beach bungalow, snuggling in a seaside Montauk cottage, or even 20 stories up in a Manhattan high-rise, these 5 costal decor tips will make you feel at-home and at-ease.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Let’s face the facts. Oftentimes when we’re sitting at work or even in the comforts of our own home, our mind is far away thinking, “Gosh, I could really use a vacation right about now.” And suddenly, you find yourself dreaming of some far-off destination… a mountain retreat, or even better a beachside escape. The cool thing about design is that it has the power to transport you. No matter where you are, you can bring the sensation of that beachside getaway through coastal décor. Just follow the pointers below.



1. Color Palette

The first step in gaining that coastal serenity is that foundation of color. Whites and creams in paint colors and light woods are best to help the sun reflect throughout the home. We know choosing the right neutral is difficult, so check out Homepolish’s Lindsay Saccullo’s guide to picking the right one for your home. For accent colors, try to picture the beach in your mind… blues, turquoise, teals, greens, beiges, pops of yellow. Those are your go-to colors to lay the groundwork. A San Clemente project, pictured above, by Homepolish premier designer Orlando Soria is an excellent example to follow.



2. Materials

Tied in with colors are the materials you bring into the home. Once again, transport yourself to that private island in your mind. What do you find? Light-colored woods (maybe even driftwood or reclaimed wood for more character) and light-colored upholstery should dominate the scene. For textiles, jute, hemp, and sisal work well for flooring, while linens on the window treatments will give that light and breezy sense, allowing the sun to stream through. Woven wicker and accessories such as macramé will lend that artisan touch, and lastly, don’t shy away from weathered materials. It’ll give it that wind-blown, weathered look.



3. Tribal Patterns

Looking at the two previous points, you might think we’re crafting a rather neutral, plain space. That’s where the texture from pattern comes in! Introduce tribal patterns through pieces such as rugs and throws, especially in bright poppy colors. Channel your appreciation for Mexican serapes or perhaps African mudcloth. Indigo-dyed shibori would be more than welcome. Just make sure that your independent patterned elements don’t clash. We’re obsessed with tribal patterns ourselves, but don’t get too carried away.



4. Mix and Match Furnishings

You know what we love about the beach? The easy-going lifestyle. You can unwind and be yourself. In that vein, don’t stress about matching all your furnishings to an exact style. Mix modern with some vintage finds, as in the picture above. You can see Eames chairs sidling right up to a reclaimed driftwood dining table. Sleek brass light fixtures find a place next to a jute rug. Eclectic but collected, no sweat.



5. Beach-inspired accessories

And no home is complete with the art and accessories to make it feel lived in. For accessories, look for nautical-inspired pieces. Sailing knots, sea creatures, blown glass, seashells (naturally), heck, even a surfboard. Don’t go overboard with it, so as to make it kitchy. Keep it curated, like all shelfie styling. For art, keep an eye out for beach scenes or watercolors that evoke fluidity.


If you need more help, our Homepolish designers are at the ready.

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