How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

On the Homepolish site, we have wall galleries after wall gallery. Our designer Savannah Metcalf walks us through a step-by-step of how to hang your own.

Photos by Helena Price.

Ah, the coveted gallery wall. Some have it, many want it. Homepolish’s designer Savannah Roberts put together a detailed how-to for creating your very own, using her client Helena Price’s living room. It’s a lot more complicated than blindly hammering nails in the wall and hoping for the best (as you definitely know if you’ve ever experimented). But luckily, Savannah has compiled the very best (and detailed) tips. Read on, brave DIY-er!



1. Compile Inspo

First up is to determine your personal gallery wall style. Check out our roundup for design notes on all the inspiration you need. Do you like randomness or a grid? Matching artwork or varied? Matching or mismatched frames? Objets d’art? The sky’s the limit.



2. Figure out that layout

Lay out the pieces of your gallery wall on the floor. Start with a large centerpiece and build out. Use inspiration images from Step 1 to help. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a composition, try this: When you have something you like, snap a picture on your phone. Then make another arrangement. Do this a few times, and then flip through the snapshots. This “editorial view” can help you decide which you like best.



3. The Mock-up

Next, to be sure that your composition looks good on the wall and that the height of it feels right, mock it up on the wall with paper. Trace each frame onto a piece of kraft or tissue paper, trim to size, and tape to the wall in your desired order. Ask yourself, is it grouped around nearby furniture appropriately? Is it a comfortable height? Does it fill the space appropriately? Note that this step is optional, but it helps alleviate error (i.e., unwanted nail holes)!



4. Focus on the frame

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to frame all your art. In the example shown, we had enough frames and art pieces that we could be flexible with the composition and switch them out as needed, so inserting art in frames was our last step before hanging.



5. Hammer and Hang

One perk of using paper mock-ups is making nail placement easy. You can mark each paper with the spot where the nail should be placed, and when the paper is on the wall, hammer it directly into the mark on the paper, tearing it away after. Then comes our favorite part! Hanging those glorious frames on that glorious wall.



6. Enjoy!

You did it! Prepare for compliments. You earned it.

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