How Homepolish Designers Holiday Shop

How Homepolish Designers Holiday Shop

How Homepolish Designers Holiday Shop

Our designers reveal where they’re shopping for the aesthetically inclined this holiday—and the dream gifts they hope to find beneath the tree.

We all have that design-obsessed friend (or coworker or in-law) with impeccable taste who’s notoriously hard to shop for. Or maybe we are that person is and in need of some good gift suggestions to pass off to our loved ones. You’re in luck: we tapped the most aesthetically inclined people we know—our designers!—to share where they shop for under-the-radar gems, what they’re gifting the hard-to-shop-for, and the design gifts on their wishlist. Happy shopping!

Where are you shopping for design gifts this year?

Emma Beryl: My go-to shop for gifts would be The Primary Essentials in Brooklyn, where I always find the perfect curation of handmade ceramics and scented candles. They also have an online shop for those who don’t live locally.

Ashlie Broderic: For artisanal design inspired gifts and accessories online, I love The Citizenry and Rose and Fitzgerald. The very best local shops in Manhattan for gorgeous gifts are RW Guild in Soho, and Creel and Gow in the Upper East Side.

Olivia Stutz: De Vera is the best for one-of-a-kind antiques and special presents—a real New York gem. Land of Belle is great gift store whether you are gifting fine china, linens, or decor. The founder is a fellow New Yorker, named Annabelle, and she has the best style! Lastly, ABC Carpet & Home is hands down the best gift store in New York City for everything and anything you could thing think of. I especially love their Buddha and elephant sculptures scattered around the store and their intoxicating incense for sale!

Maggie Burns: I am a huge Etsy fan! There are so many amazing designers and artisans that are willing to work with you to create custom pieces for an extra special holiday gift with a personal touch. All of my holiday cards this year are coming from Etsy boutique owner Charli Appleton.

Ana Claudia Schultz: For affordable art, I will shop at Society6 and send a framed print. Homenature also has great home accessories—I love these coasters.

Allie McMunn: My favorite gift shop is Kaas Glassworks on Perry Street. They will make any invitation, photo, etc., into a beautiful tray with a gilded edge that can be used for serving or decoration. I especially love to make my friends wedding invitations into one as part of their wedding gift.

Julia Blanchard: Since I live in Brooklyn, I like to play up the culture of my surroundings and buy people objects, ashtrays, books, sculptures—something decorative or semi intellectual. Shops where I always find something that catches my eye for someone are Friends NYC, Change Co., Love Adorned, and the MoMA Store.

What would be your dream design gift to receive this year?

Emma Beryl: I would absolutely die if I received any color of the Agra rage from Armadillo & Co. The plush wool pile and the deep intensity of the colors makes my heart race and would truly make any home. Although this is definitely a splurge item, it will make a dramatic impact in any space.

Ashlie Broderic: If Santa Claus was real and I could request anything, I would ask for an Ours Polaire sofa by Jean Royere. These sofas are timeless, elegant, and beautiful. They are also wildly expensive. As a more practical alternative, I would like a 1950’s style Smeg fridge in glossy black. The vintage lines of this appliance would look terrific in my tiny New York kitchen.

Olivia Stutz: Anything from the Gucci Home line, such as their pillows, chairs, and even a vase! Or I would love my bathroom wallpapered in their pink Heron-printed wallpaper. I would also die for a framed Courreges scarf framed in a natural teak box frame to go in the entry of my home.

Kerry Vasquez: My dream design gift would be to redo my kitchen! Otherwise, I’d love a new bed. I’m currently eyeing this one from Anthropologie, in Oyster linen.

Liz Lipkin: I would love a tour of Popham’s handmade concrete tile design studio and workshop in Marrakech! I can’t get enough of their bold, graphic patterns and beautiful colors—it’d be great to have a behind the scenes look at the design and production process. And if that means taking a trip to Morocco, all the better.

Ana Claudia Schultz: The gorgeous Anna Karlin Brass Armchair for my living room. Artwork is a must, and I’d love to have an even tiny Picasso. Am asking for too much?! Anything from BBDW, but especially Kieran stumps that are exclusively sold to them. They are sculptural, warm, and functional.

Allie McMunn: I have had my eye on Slim Aarons’ “Verbier Vacation” for some time. It would look so perfect in our guest room!

Julia Blanchard: I would want something completely useless like art that I could appreciate for years to come but would feel guilty buying myself, such as the Haas Brothers Zona Maco Furries, a neon Wendell Castle floor lamp, or Kelly Wearstler Calia Bronze Draped Chair.

Maggie Burns: This year I’m eyeing anything by glass designer Vanessa Mitrani. She makes the most beautiful, work-of-art glassware and sculptures that I can’t quite justify buying for myself but would definitely welcome wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree!

What will be you be gifting this season?

Julieta Alvarez: Beautiful barware form Addison Weeks or pretty much anything from Container Store. God knows people need help organizing and decluttering homes.

Anya Dinovich: Luxurious, one-of-a-kind homewares from my brand SevenSundays Studios. With very limited pieces being made, it makes the recipient feel like a “true owner”. If you really want to splurge and impress, shop this.

Liz Lipkin: My friends and I treat ourselves to a night out for drinks or dinner in a special place You get to the point where you have enough stuff, and you’d just rather spend time together. This year, we’ll be heading to Roman & Williams Guild, the Met museum (so fun after dark), and the Campbell Apartment.

Kerry Vasquez: Because I’ve recently become obsessed with Mexico City and want everyone to know about it, I’ll be gifting this book.

Emma Beryl: My go-to gift this year will be from my favorite florist, Rebecca Shepard. I drool over her white, stunning orchards, they are so beautiful and make great centerpieces. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with editable treats from Olive & Cocoa. Their delicious gift baskets have a wide range of sweet and salty.

Ana Claudia Shultz: “Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home,” which can help my friends find the confidence to find their own interior style. For my husband or father-in-law, I would give the Akashi whiskey, which is delightful oaky and smooth at the same time. Japanese craftsmanship does not stop with Noguchi.

Allie McMunn: My go-to housewarming gift is always a Jo Malone candle. I especially love their holiday scents in black glass. If I have time to prepare, I love bringing the items needed to make a cocktail, like Aperol spritz, with some fun glassware.

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