Hommemade with Homepolish: A Painted Bulletin Board

Hommemade with Homepolish: A Painted Bulletin Board

Hommemade with Homepolish: A Painted Bulletin Board


For part two of our series Hommemade with Homepolish brought to you by method, our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria makes a bulletin board that can double as a piece of artwork with the help of Jeffrey Self.

Photos by Zeke Ruelas.

In a three-part video series, we present Hommemade with Homepolish brought to you by method. Our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria has come up with three super-easy DIYs that you can complete right at home (with the help of his step-by-step videos, that is). Best of all, each craft will introduce a new celebrity cohost! Check out this absolutely artistic bulletin board, made with the help of actor and writer Jeffrey Self. Since a lot of bulletin boards are “gross and ugly” (Orlando’s words… and we have to agree), he came up with one that is not-so-secretly a work of art. See below for the materials, directions, and video link, and fashion yourself as a natural artiste!


Materials List

Pine wood, 1″ by 3″
24″ by 18″ bulletin board (Ours was from Staples.)
1 yard of canvas
Wood glue
8 screws
Wood filler
1 quart white semi-gloss paint
1 paintbrush
Hanging Kit (Ours was from Home Depot.)
Acrylic paint in a variety of colors (We used Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Yellow, and Titanium White.)


Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Purchase some wood
This may sound difficult, but we assure you, it isn’t. At a lumber yard (or even Home Depot, depending on your location), buy the pine piece and have it cut into pieces of the following lengths: 5 pieces at 23 ½”, 2 pieces at 19”. Make sure to double-check your measurements.

2. Get drilling
Drill two holes 1/2-inch away from the ends of each of the 19” wooden boards. Use a screwdriver to drill screws through the 19” outer board into the ends of the five 23.5” inner support boards, spacing them out so two create the outer edge of the frame, and three are equally spaced on the back as supports. (If you’re stressed at this point, see the video below for a visual aid.)

3. Painting your frame
Paint the frame/support white, using semi-gloss interior paint. You will need 2-3 coats to get complete coverage. Then, WAIT. (Aka perfect time for a SNACK or wine or your favorite episode of Scandal.)

4. Painting your canvas
OR instead of being lazy, you can multitask! Taking the canvas and acrylic paints, create a watery abstract painting by diluting the acrylics with water and mixing it on the canvas. You’re looking to make a beautiful, fluid look… your own version of a Monet in your home. And you know what? Don’t worry about getting paint splatters on your clothes… method’s all-purpose cleaner should take stains right out.

5. Attaching the canvas to the bulletin board
After canvas has dried, create a mixture of 50% water and 50% wood glue and coat the front of the bulletin board with it. Adhere the painted canvas to the bulletin board by pressing firmly with your hands. Cut off excess fabric, carefully fold over, and glue to the back of the bulletin board.

6. Attaching the bulletin board to the frame
Using a liberal amount of wood glue, adhere the canvas-coated bulletin board into the white-painted frame. (You’re almost there! Take a deep breath!)

7. Hang and Accessorize
Add the hanging kit to the back of the frame, hang, and add your own pictures, accessories, notecards, recipes, love notes, hate notes. Wait, what? You get the idea… the possibilities are endless!


Can’t get enough of Hommemade with Homepolish? Check out the full series! And hashtag your projects #myhommemade!

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