Hommemade with Homepolish: A Bitonal Nightstand

Hommemade with Homepolish: A Bitonal Nightstand

Hommemade with Homepolish: A Bitonal Nightstand


For part one of our series Hommemade with Homepolish brought to you by method, our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria revamps a plain Jane nightstand with the help of Emily Henderson.

Photos by Zeke Ruelas.

In a three-part video series, we present Hommemade with Homepolish brought to you by method. Our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria has come up with three super-easy DIYs that you can complete right at home (with the help of his step-by-step videos, that is). Best of all, each craft will introduce a new celebrity cohost! Check out this nightstand revamp with creative dynamo Emily Henderson. So as Orlando says, “Let’s take that dazzle and add in some razzle and make it sazzle…” Or you get the gist. See below for the materials, directions, and video link.


Materials List

One standard, plain wood nightstand (We used the Ikea Tarva.)
1 quart semi-gloss white paint
1 quart semi-gloss black paint
2 2-inch paintbrushes
Blue painter’s tape
Brass hardware of your choice (such as LA Hardware, AGT, or Schoolhouse Electric)


Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Assembly
Assemble your nightstand… or as was the case for Emily, arrive to Orlando’s home in a perfectly tailored plaid button-down AFTER he has already done the nerve-wracking work of assembling a piece of Ikea furniture.

2. Painting (part 1)
Paint the base (aka the bottom half) of the nightstand white. Pro tip: make sure to taper out the paint so there is no visible hard line. And remember as Orlando says, “A gentleman never gets paint on himself.” (But we’ll forgive you if you happen to get a couple drips here and there.)

3. Taping
Precision is key to polished design. Use the painters tape and ruler to create a straight line across the nightstand’s mid-section, intersecting the hole where the hardware will be installed.

4. Painting (part 2)
You might’ve seen this one coming (because we know you’re so smart), but this is when you paint the top half black, making sure not to cross that painter’s tape. Just like kindergarten… stay inside those lines!

5. Installing Hardware
Remove the tape from around the nightstand (it’s absolutely satisfying to see that clean line), and screw your brass hardware into the pre-drilled hole on the nightstand.

6. Finishing Touches
No nightstand is complete on its own! Style and accessorize your new beautiful bedside companion with your favorite books and accessories. And a bottle of method soap JUST FOR KICKS.


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