Homepolish’s First Treehouse!

Homepolish’s First Treehouse!

Homepolish’s First Treehouse!


Sarah & Mark and their family, and their dog


We've done nurseries, kids' rooms, playrooms, and now, what's this?! That's right. A real treehouse completed by Orlando Soria for the One Room Challenge.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Hi everyone! It’s me, Orlando standing here (well, not here… in that picture) with my assistant Brooke who is literally the greatest. Readers of my blog Hommemaker know this already, but for those of you not in the loop, I’ve been working on a One Room Challenge project. WUTS THAT, YOU ASK? Basically, the One Room Challenge consists of twenty bloggers who work to each makeover a room in the course of just six weeks. Most normal people choose a room in their own homes to add some pizzazz to, but I literally JUST finished my condo (pictures to come!), so that wasn’t an option. For a more daring project, when a previous client asked me to decorate her childrens’ treehouse, I was like “WHY NOT?!?” And thus begun the most fun and exciting design challenge of my life. Brace yourself for a cuteness overload in the gallery.


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