Homepolish Holiday Gift Guide: Pillows & Throws

Homepolish Holiday Gift Guide: Pillows & Throws

Homepolish Holiday Gift Guide: Pillows & Throws

With the weather getting chillier and chillier (dare we say... frightful), all we want for the holidays are snuggly pillows and throws. And perhaps an indoor fireplace?

With winter approaching, our bodies are quickly turning to hibernation mode. All we want to do is stay in, warm some hot cocoa, and snuggle up in bed with the comfiest of pillows and throws. But, just because you refuse to get out of your robe into more presentable clothes, doesn’t mean that your bed or living area should be out of style. Check out four unique looks for those cozy nights in. Gift them to your friends (or secretly keep them for yourself).


Filling Spaces

Black Mani Pillow

One Fine Nest

Black Mud Cloth African Pillow

Restoration Hardware

Moroccan Wedding Banded Throw

Monochromatic Moroccan

Some things never go out of style. White-washed walls, calming gray tones, the contrast of black and white. But more than ever, people are embracing bold black (even for walls). And the same goes for pillows and blankets. Moroccan mud cloth is an age-old technique that has seen a boost in popularity this year. Paired with a BIG chunky throw, you’ll be set for the winter.

One Fine Nest

Indigo Mud Cloth Shibori Pillow

Ara Collective

Indigo Soltero Blanket

Ligne Roset

Throw in Blue Espresso

Bohemian Indigo

This bedroom trend is earthy and soothing, not unlike a visit to impossibly cool meditative yoga retreats in Arizona that only Jennifer Aniston knows about. A mix of saturated shibori and indigo patterned fabrics lend a space plenty of color and texture at the same time. If the traditional patterns are too much for you, take a cue from pieces such as the Ligne Roset throw, which adds in a subtle trim of indigo.


Filling Spaces

Heidi Pillow

Ara Collective

Mauve Mayarte Throw

West Elm

Marled Basketweave Throw in Sangria

Muted Pastels

Previously reserved mostly for young girls’ rooms and nurseries, muted pastels from blush to mauve have been popping up in guest rooms and even offices. Think of this color scheme as an extension of the traditional neutrals of cream, ivory, and beige. It’s soft on the eyes and perfect for lounging away the day.


Indigo & Lavender

Tangerine Wool Pom Pom Blanket


Seaport Kantha Stitched Throw


End of the Tunnel Cashmere Throw

Loud Geometrics

You might be looking at these vibes above and thinking to yourself, “But I’m a STAR!” Words like calming, muted, and neutral just aren’t in your repertoire. Well, HOLD UP. We got you covered, too (literally). Throws are coming out in all sorts of wild geometric patterns and colors, and these are just some of our favorites. Best of all, items like the Pom Pom Blanket come in a TON of colorways. Orange ain’t your thang? No problem, because you can choose whatever color you like.


And just because we’re showing images of bedrooms, don’t feel limited! Throws and pillows can find a place in the living room too. After all, snuggling isn’t confined to one room. I mean, have you HEARD of Netflix & chill?