Homepolish Hits 1 Million Instagram Followers

Homepolish Hits 1 Million Instagram Followers

Homepolish Hits 1 Million Instagram Followers

Riding on the tails of our fourth anniversary, @homepolish has just hit a record 1 million Instagram followers! See our roundup of the top 10 most liked posts of all time.

Some big news on social media has us blasting Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” in the Homepolish New York Headquarters. Yep, you guessed it. Our Instagram account, @homepolish, has just broken the 1 million mark! Under the direction of Homepolish’s Claire Esparros, we’ve been blasting you with beautiful imagery (and snarky words) for years. To thank all your little eyeballs and all your double tapping, we’ve made a roundup of our top 10 best Instagram posts of all time. Scroll to your heart’s content.


9 and 10

#10 | a minimalist san francisco loft

Not only does “love live here,” but basically so does everything else we want out of life. #scuseme #canwehaveitall? // Design by @savmetcalf of #HomepolishSF + photo by @juliarobbs.

See the full designer tour here.

#9 | an artful bay area dining room

The first way to our heart is through food but the very closely second way is through beautiful spaces to eat said food. Example A. // Design by @carisselynelle of #HomepolishSF for @skylervm and @allievm + photo by @fluxi.

Check out the San Francisco home here.


7 and 8

#8 | A Chicago Couple’s Urban Escape

Winding down our weekends by laying on this floor staring open-mouthed at this amazing shelving unit in pure AWE. // Design by @jentalbotdesign of #HomepolishCHI + photo by @dustinforest.

Tour the modern farmhouse here.

#7 | A Remodeled Los Angeles Bathroom

Cue Celine Dion and toss us a pink velvet robe and SHUT the door! Shampoo bottle microphone time begins in 3… 2… 1… // Design by @stefanisteinla of #HomepolishLA + photo by @tessaneustadt.

See the before & afters of this Silver Lake soup-to-nuts renovation.


5 and 6

#6 | A Designer’s Own Retreat

Dark hunter green is the newest HOT BABE IN TOWN. #girdyourloins #ladieskeepyourmenathome // Design by @haleyweidenbaum of #HomepolishLA + photo by @tessaneustadt.

Tour Haley’s incredible California bungalow here.

#5 | A Gallery-like Brooklyn Loft

Cannot imagine a dreamier spot for you to whip us up a fresh smoothie and tell us we’re the love of your life. // Design by @caseydebois of #HomepolishNYC for @tzechengchun of @uprisenyc + photo by @claireesparros.

See all of Tze Chun’s artful Brooklyn loft here.



#4 | A Brand-new Bachelorette Pad

This DC client moved in with just a mattress, a modest budget and decor dreamz. Not sure if this is the start of a novel about a tiny country mouse moving to the big city to chase her dreams potentially being animated by Dreamworks and coming to a theatre near you or just an actual story about our real life client, bosslady @EmilyRasowsky, but we feel like if you follow the [LINK IN PROFILE] you’ll figure it out p quickly. // Design by @shannon_burlapandlace of #HomepolishDC + photo by @laurametzlerphoto.

Check out this #bosslady’s bachelorette pad.



#3 | An Industrial Yet Cozy Brooklyn Home

This industrial Brooklyn apartment is both warm and inviting but also a stone cold fox, so you want to stand in a slightly-removed corner and stare in awe and reverence, but also swan dive right in. #eternalconflict #halp // Design by @beckymshea of #HomepolishNYC + photo by @claireesparros.

And if you didn’t get enough, see the whole chic Brooklyn home.


1 and 2

#2 | A California Living Room

Take your space from snooze to schmooze. #wewantyou // Design by @haleyweidenbaum of #HomepolishLA + photo by @tessaneustadt.

Tour even more of this Los Angeles escape here.

AND OUR TOP #1! | Whitney Port’s Entertainment Space

Wall color and artwork so enticing, they’re both equally presenting the dangerous dilemma that may or not involve us and others nearby attempting to climb inside. Things this beautiful ought to come with warning signs. // Design by @mrorlandosoria of #HomepolishLA for @whitneyeveport + photo by @tessaneustadt.

See the full tour of Whitney Port’s entertainment room here.


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