Hollywood Opulence at Lincoln Center

Hollywood Opulence at Lincoln Center

Hollywood Opulence at Lincoln Center


Mona Awad and Ehsan Zargar


With a love of history and literature, Homepolish's Marissa Bero brought a curated mix of antique and reclaimed pieces for a glamorous apartment in the heart of the Upper West Side.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Every once in a while, you walk into a place in New York that immediately gives that sense of old urban opulence… whether it’s the storied central lobby of the Waldorf Astoria or the entrance to the Woolworth Building. Coming upon the 2-bedroom apartment of Mona Awad and Ehsan Zargar, that same sense of history seems to fill the place. The décor seems to be remnant from an earlier time in Manhattan history, but in reality, the couple has only lived there for a couple years.


So how did they achieve this curated, cultured, almost literary look? That would be the work of Homepolish designer Marissa Bero. According to her, the original idea was to go for a “messy opulent” look, as if the couple had lived in the apartment for years. Of course, the catch was that they had to make this look happen in a matter of months.


Luckily, Marissa is an expert antique hunter and knows the New York scene thoroughly. Immediately setting the tone in the living room, a 1959 Slim Aarons photograph of socialite Lady Daphne Cameron stares out into the room, framed by patinaed art deco panels from a demolished Boston theater. Antiqued pieces are everywhere from the gilded mirror to the aged wooden wardrobe. Most impressive, the dining table is a salvaged piece of limestone, taken right from a Manhattan building capital. You can’t get more New York than that.

View more in the slideshow, and to learn more about antiquing in New York from Marissa, check out her designer city guide.

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