Hive Mind: A Buzzy NYC Office for Bumble

Hive Mind: A Buzzy NYC Office for Bumble

Hive Mind: A Buzzy NYC Office for Bumble

Dating and networking app Bumble gets a colorful NYC annex with Homepolish's help. See what all the buzz is about.

Photos by Seth Caplan

Forgive us the pun, but a brand like Bumble needs an office that’s sure to generate some buzz.

So when the Austin-based dating and networking app needed to outfit its NYC office, they reached out to Homepolish to create a space that felt the city cousin to its HQ.

Designer Emma Beryl worked to translate the company’s signature hues and hive branding into a physical space. The impressive HQ office is an inspiration, with small nods to Texas throughout, but this space has its own style. The Soho loft bones are treated to area appropriate touches like distressed leather chairs and a vintage area rug. The space radiates creativity, with cheery hues that lean more citrus than cubicle.

Homepolish had some background with the brand—we partnered up for popup space last year.

Perhaps the most showstopping moment is the space’s giant mural. A nod both to NYC graffiti and Austin’s many Instagramable murals, the designer tapped friend Mason of Mason Eve Art to fill the white brick above the work stations with Bumble’s “It’s cool to be kind” slogan. This mural is one of the “nod to Texas” elements in the space.

The design references the famous “Greetings from Austin” mural while the colors are 100% Bumble branding and the pattern within the letters were the collaborative brainchild of Mason and Bumbles graphic design dept.

Those branded hues offered an alternative to the palettes she uses in a residential space.

“As a designer, I love to work on both residential and commercial projects because you get to do things in commercial spaces that you’d never get to do in peoples homes and vice versa,” Emma says. “Designing a space with bright yellows, pinks, and teals was a fun and unique challenge. We used all of Bumbles bright, cheerful brand colors in the space and made sure to layer in enough neutrals that you could actually sit down to work in the space without feeling distracted. Before we started the project the floors were painted black and the walls were painted (alternating) black and white. Painting the floors, walls, and window frames instantly elevated the mood of the space.”

Desk chairs: Crate and Barrel

In the end, the space is as inspiring as the brand itself.

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