Heymama’s 5 Tips for Nursery Décor

Heymama’s 5 Tips for Nursery Décor

Heymama’s 5 Tips for Nursery Décor

Talking with our friends at heymama, the network of working moms, we learned a bit about decorating nurseries. Star designer Jonathan Adler also weighs in.

It wasn’t long ago that Homepolish completed the Brooklyn home of heymama founder Amri Kibbler. The townhouse received a homey, bohemian chic touch from Homepolish designer Allison Petty, and needless to say, one of our favorite areas was the kids’ playroom. But it left us wondering, with so much mama experience, did the heymama crew have any pointers for creating the perfect nurseries?

Instead of giving us some quick answers, they had star designer Jonathan Adler weigh in. Known for his irreverent accessories and furnishings (catering to a more… mature audience), he recently broke into the kids’ scene with a new line for Fisher-Price. After all, who says that only adults can be chic and modern? See below for the tips.



Lighting: The main lighting fixtures should be something you want to live with forever. And make sure they’re dimmable. Table lamps are where you can be fun and irreverent.

Colors: Try to stick to a high-contrast color palette. The people at Fisher-Price told me that kids respond to high contrast colors (like black and white) as much as I do.

Rugs: Start with a good quality rug. I love Peruvian flat weaves. They are handmade by craftspeople in Peru and are soft, durable… and groovy.

Textures: You are going to spend a lot of time in the nursery, so fill it with soft and squishy pillows and throws. They’ll give you comfort for those late baby nights.

Natural woods: I’m a fan of warm and honey-colored woods in the nursery. They look good now, and they’ll look good as baby grows.


To see more, go to heymama, and see our nursery inspiration roundup.

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