Heymama’s Homey Williamsburg Townhouse

Heymama’s Homey Williamsburg Townhouse

Heymama’s Homey Williamsburg Townhouse


Amri Kibbler, founder of heymama


When the founder of heymama Amri Kibbler moved from a tiny TriBeCa apartment to a 4-story townhouse, she called in Homepolish's Allison Petty to take the new construction and bring in some much-needed personality.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

Amri Kibbler is a founder of heymama. Upon first look of the site and the name, one might fall into the trap of uttering the words “mommy blog,” but looking through the platform more thoroughly, it’s much more than easy-to-prep baby food recipes and tips on how to make your newborn go to sleep. Heymama is a curated network of working moms who work to inspire and build each other up. You can only imagine that the creator behind the movement is just as progressive in her own life.


Married to photographer Jason Kibbler, the two lived in a tiny TriBeCa apartment with their daughter Mari, who was, in part, an impetus for the site. But with a new bundle of joy on the way, the family set their sites on Williamsburg… a 4-story townhouse to be exact. But space does not always correspond to beauty and functionality. Since the house was a new construction, Amri looked to Homepolish’s Allison Petty to bring a homey, familial feel to the space, focusing on the dining, living, and playrooms.


To keep everything cohesive, a white and clean color palette was the immediate choice. In the family areas, Amri’s collection of photography came in handy and Allison introduced color and texture with mismatched throw pillows and textural rugs. The playroom received a helping of girlish whimsy, while still remaining modern. Pastel accents from pillows and to side chairs and wallpaper make it young and poppy. Quirky light fixtures such as a feather chandelier and a bunny table lamp only add to the fun. Added room only added to the fun… they even grow their own vegetables now.


Being that I have a startup, I was really short on time, and the clock was ticking to get a great space together for my growing family.

- Amri Kibbler, cofounder of heymama
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