HelloGiggles’s Door DIY

HelloGiggles’s Door DIY

HelloGiggles’s Door DIY


HelloGiggles's Office


Orlando hand-painted this door at the HelloGiggles office and we freaked out. Did you? Yes? Well see how he did it in the slideshow!

As part of our office design collaboration with the amazing, funny, smart and talented HelloGiggles, our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria took on and photographed a few very cool DIY projects with step-by-step instructions. First up: How to Make Your Boring Door Better.

Do you have a boring door you’d like to make less boring? Do you stare at it every day and wonder why it’s so boring? Do you give it dirty looks sometimes because you wish it was more fun? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re in luck because I have a DIY to share with you. All it requires is some paint, some tape, and a little brain power. Check out some creative door inspiration images here.

Love, Orlando

You’ll need:

1. Black Paint

2. A Measuring Tape

3. A Drop cloth

4. A Pencil

5. A Paintbrush

6. Blue Painters Tape

In this tour: