Graphic yet Graceful in Greenwich Village

Graphic yet Graceful in Greenwich Village

Graphic yet Graceful in Greenwich Village


Homepolish designer Tali Roth infuses a 900-square-foot white box with bold palette and the homeowner’s own work for an artistic young couple.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Most people don’t imagine an artist occupying a sleek, clean-lined space. But graphic artist Aniella Matejovsky and her husband Tobias needed a place that fit their lifestyle—less the stereotypical image of messy brushes and open paint cans and more a sophisticated backdrop for dinner parties and cozy nights in.

To make sure apartment didn’t stay a blank canvas, the couple reached out to Homepolish designer Tali Roth before they even closed on their spacious (by NYC standards) 900-square-foot, one bedroom Greenwich Village apartment. The creative couple and Tali, who is known for her artistic flourishes, were instantly a perfect fit.

To stay Tali was starting from scratch wasn’t an understatement.

“The space was essentially a small white box,” says Tali. “There was zero personality, but it was flooded with natural light, so I instantly saw potential.”

Accentuating the space’s light, roomy atmosphere was the first priority. That meant a bit of revamping (refinishing the floors and adding handy recessed lighting) and reconfiguring to best utilize the space.

“Some of the initial work included opening up the kitchen wall and building a massive kitchen island,” Tali says. “The floor tile is black, white, and green so we decided to build the space out with additional blues and greens to contrast the neutral backdrop of quartzite tile (which is great for cooking!).”

Building out the color to some designers would mean a throw pillow here and there—but for Tali, and the willing-to-experiment couple, integrating new hues was much more dramatic.

“I used the attitude with them that the kookier the better and the more intuitive the design the better! Not many people would let me take the risks that they let me take,” Tali exclaims. “I used orange and pink to compliment the green and blue tones!”

While choices like half-painted walls, geometric furniture, an uber-retro vanity set up, and a pumpkin-hued wingback chair might be bold, the thinking behind them is well-considered.

“I asked Ann and Toby all about their lifestyle and their needs, and from that we decided that the huge sofa with flexible seating and a coffee table would be perfect for their laid-back style of entertaining,” says Tali.

The extra-large sofa makes hosting a breeze and adds a layer of luxury to the apartment’s narrow floor plan. “Thinking laterally was new to me, but opting to line the entire wall with plush sofa turned out beautifully,” Tali said.

For Ann’s studio, luxe, painting-like wallpaper and gilded accents are more art gallery more than typical art studio. Glossy white and lucite furniture are ultra-chic yet subtle enough to not distract from Ann’s own inspiration. Similarly, brass additions like a sleek, polished geometrical chandelier give Ann enough headspace for her own “lightbulb” moments.

In the bedroom, Tali took a note from Ann’s graphic design work and implemented a two-toned bedroom wall look, swathing the bottom half in muted teal while leaving above bright white. Graceful shapes found in accents like the mirror, ottoman, and orb-inspired bedside lamps soften the paint linear edge.

Tali got especially creative when it came to the couple’s bathroom, which was on the smaller side. “I made the call to wrap the concrete tiles up the wall,” Tali explains. “We also painted the walls above the tile in concrete, which is something neither myself nor the contractor had not done before. To finish up, we took an untraditional approach to creating a vanity by sitting a wall-mounted sink on top of a storage cabinet.

The design is, of course, artistic in and of its own right, but to make the space even more tailored to the client, Tali urged Ann to create all of the home’s artwork.

“Ann has a wonderful eye for color and design,” Tali says. “We were always going to curate her pieces for behind the sofa but as we entered into the final stages of the project, I knew it would be  important for her to paint all of the artwork in the space! It turned out amazingly well—she has immense talent.”

The result feels perfectly them, while pushing farther than they would have gone on their own.

Our style is comfortable, but loud. We wanted conversations starters that were colorful and tasteful,” says Ann. “Tali came up with a lot of ideas that we would have never thought of ourselves. For example, we were worried over the half-walls for a while. Tali did a good job at explaining that these details would help separate visually the different spaces and we were convinced once the walls were painted. We were always excited to meet with Tali and see what funky ideas she had come up with!”

See more of the couple’s space (and sourcing information) in the gallery and read more about their renovation on The Cut. 

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