Going Scandinavian in a Dallas Family Home

Going Scandinavian in a Dallas Family Home

Going Scandinavian in a Dallas Family Home


Erika Yeaman, Homepolish designer


When Homepolish's Erika Yeaman and her family moved into a 1950 midcentury home in Dallas, she expanded the space by 1,500 square-feet and added a flair of family-friendly bohemia.

Photos by Cody Ulrich.

It may be a cliché of sorts, but when it comes to Texas, we go all “home on the range,” thinking of wide open spaces and sprawling homes. And in the case of Homepolish designer Erika Yeaman, that picture isn’t too far off. When she and her husband moved from the cramped confines of New York with their two children, they landed in a gorgeous midcentury property in Dallas, originally designed by architect Arch Swank in 1950. As was the tradition of American midcentury, it borrowed heavily from the Scandinavian look, incorporating clean lines, a white-washed color palette, and natural materials.


Of course, any family is bound to make their own unique mark on any home that they move into. Erika began by expanding the floor plan by a whopping 1,500 square-feet, building out a second floor and gutting much of the rest of the home. However, as a conscientious designer, she made sure that her modern interventions complied with the historic foundations. To add a touch of Texan rusticity, warm woods such as walnut and stained oak shine through whether it’s the kitchen cabinets and island or the exposed ceilings in the master bathroom.


The clean-lined aesthetic of Swank doesn’t quite work for a growing family, however. To soften the look, family heirlooms, vintage pieces, and several custom flourishes were added. As Erika says, “We wanted it to feel light-hearted and like the kids are a part of the whole design process, so it’s a true reflection of the life we live, versus some perfectly articulated space.” An eclectic mix of colors and textures pop up throughout the home, not to mention a fantastic range of art. It all comes together for an effortless cool, a perfect reflection of Erika’s family.

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