Going Contemporary in Greenwich Village

Going Contemporary in Greenwich Village

Going Contemporary in Greenwich Village


Ross, Homepolish Client


In the heart of New York's Bohemia, Homepolish designer Jesse Turek layered in color, modern furnishings, and pop art in a 1-bedroom loft.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

Have you ever heard the New Age idea that you have to actively engage in creating the life you want? Adages like “Dress for success” or “Dress for the job you want,” and the activity of crafting “dreamboards” would all fall in envisioning a better version of yourself. At Homepolish, we believe that the very same can be said of spaces. Designing a home that is not only functional but also beautiful can lead to a positive impact on your entire life. This is undoubtedly true in the case of Ross, a recent client of Homepolish’s Jesse Turek and a bachelor. Or… perhaps we should say bachelor no longer?


First coming into the Ross’s place in Greenwich Village, Jesse described his client as “single, upfront, and straight to the point.” He wanted a design collaborator to work with him on his 1-bedroom loft, taking it from bachelor pad (with all those negative connotations) to a swanky New York haven. Over the course of the project, the two balanced each other out… Jesse would push Ross on more daring ideas, but then reel him in when things got a little too crazy.


They tackled matters from a massive kitchen redesign, reworking two bathrooms, and refinishing the hardwood floors. Ross also discovered the difficulty of choosing the right shade of white. For six weeks, they argued over the merits of five shades… finally going for a stark gallery vibe, which contrasts beautifully with exposed brick. To add in even more color, poppy Lichtenstein-esque artwork accents the dining area. In the bedroom, a large abstract piece doubles as both a headboard and a way to conceal his girlfriend’s clothing storage. Yep, that’s right. Since the redesign, Ross is no longer on the market. Guess you gotta design for the life you want.


Jesse did a great job of pushing me on the things I needed to be pushed on. We didn’t always agree, but it was a great partnership. I had a vision but needed my hand held a bit, something he was happy to do and did really well.

- Ross, Homepolish client
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