Geek Meets Chic at Codecademy

Geek Meets Chic at Codecademy

Geek Meets Chic at Codecademy




A big project that made a big difference. 9000 sq ft were transformed to reflect the company's innovative and fun culture.

Photos by Chellise Michael.

Codecademy knows that creating a strong office culture means balancing work with pleasure. Amid long days of staring at computer screens, coders need a break – maybe a short nap, maybe a tall drink – and that’s where we can help. Of course, form follows function so Homepolish designer Danielle Arps started with a foundation design that was flexible enough to accommodate a team of ten or sixty with ease. Working with 9000 square feet meant we needed to create pocket areas to keep the space from feeling cold or uncomfortable so we built sections. A bar that would usually run $20k was built with industrial shipping crates for $5k. A cozy lounge area, a picnic table-furnished lunch spot, and twenty feet of window seats break the office up into manageable, comfortable spaces. Add in a snack wall and a secret hangout revealed only by a hidden bookshelf door, and you’ve got one pretty sick office, if we do say so ourselves.


If you expect people to work in a space for more than half the day, you’ve got to give them variety.

- Client Testimonial